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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hey family! sorry it's a little late! this week has been extremely hectic and crazy due to Christmas coming up, Elder Filiaga going home, and also our baptism coming up this Sunday!

this last week i received all of the boxes! that was so fantastic. i loved everything i got. :) my favorite things were all the food! the cookies and peanut brittle and caramels. haha, it really helped make this place feel closer to home.
thank you for everything else too! the letters and also the prayers. :)

okay, so like i said there is a lot going on this week which explains the tardiness of the letter. yesterday after elder carver and i got back from the temple we met up with filiaga who just got back from traffic court. bad news, we had to go back like right then and get more paper work done and today too. so we have been over there it feels like the last two days. also with fili going home we are saying goodbye to all the families in this area which i always love because it gives me a chance to get to know the few that i don't already know. they are really great families.

so last Sunday we had a cool experience. our investigator who is on date for baptism this Christmas gave us an invitation to a birthday party for her 3 year-old-girl. it was right after church so we went over to check it out and say hi. Man, they know how  to throw a party! there was a bounce house, catered food, 3 pinatas and one of the best cakes i think i have ever had in my life. haha. it was sooo cool. we also got to talking to a lot of the people there and now we know some more people in that apartment complex. I think i have learned that working through the members and investigators is like the best way for finding. that is as long as you are doing it right.

oh, almost forgot! this Saturday we had our Christmas dinner and it was super great! the only bad thing about it was one of these three missionaries who was acting as an angel in the nativity totally forgot his part and thoroughly embarrassed himself. I won't name any names...... ( Elder Winterrose) *cough cough* :) it was all fun though, he had a little help from the narrator. so, i don't think i am very cut out for acting anymore but it is a good thing i never aspired to be an actor. :)

well, i think that is about all i have for now. i hope Morgan had a splendid birthday and i cant believe how old he is. just crazy haha. also i hope britton has a great Christmas and that his ward treats him good this Christmas. i love you all and wish you a merry Christmas! I can't wait to hear from you! i will see you all Sunday after the baptism!


Elder Winterrose

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