Serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear friends,
Now that I have finished my mission and have returned to the real world I have new contact info.
if you wish to contact me find me on facebook
take care!

Queridos amigos,
ahora como ya estoy en mi casa de nuevo tengo mi facebook abierto y quiero escuchar de todos.
da me una mensaje por facebook si quiere!
Cuidense mucho!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hey there everybody!

Well, this will be my last letter home! first of all i am soooo excited to be finishing my mission and seeing my family and friends.

This week was a really good week personally. I have had the opportunity to really reflect on my mission and plan for the life ahead of me. Just this last Wednesday we had the departing missionary training or "trunky training" and it was crazy cool. We got a chance to talk to president baker and his wife and it also happened to be their last day here in the mission. I can only imagine how trunky they were feeling. anyways they gave us a lot of wisdom and guidance and a couple homework assignments to do. I got a 90 day plan all filled out and goals and whatnot so i am ready to take on the world.
We got to meet the new president on Saturday. President and Sister Weidman are soo nice. it kinda makes me wish i was around a little longer. it will be nice to have an interview with him before we go.
well, i don't wanna give you too many details because i wanna save some stories for when i get home so this one is going to be a little bit shorter.

I love you all and invite you to come to my homecoming talk on Sunday, July 14th at 10:30 a.m.
895 Gage Blvd, Richland, Wa.   
Now get out there and share the gospel!

Love, Elder Winterrose

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well, this week has been a pretty good one.

I might not write a lot because i swear as soon as i sit down at this computer i forget everything i was going to say. so if you really want to hear all the stories come find  me at my homecoming hahaha.

so this week one of the coolest things that happened was that fireside Sunday afternoon. i feel like it was just the kinda boost i needed and the direction i will need coming home next month. All i can think about is all the people and missionaries i will be able to help out when i get home.

anyways, we had a really crazy service opportunity the other day cleaning out three garages. it reminded me of that show hoarders. seriously. the roof was coming in, the floor was breaking through everywhere you stepped, and there were bugs and mountains of trash. anyways, that was super gross.

on Sunday our lesson in priesthood was on trials of faith. something one of the other elders said i really liked and it was that when we are going through trials in our lives the best thing to do is to surround ourselves with the gospel. it is like being in a cellar during a storm, leaving the safety of it just doesn't make sense. so, when you find yourself going through trials the place to be is in the safety of the gospel.

so, i don't really know what else to write!
mo, dain, stay outta trouble!

I love you all and miss you! cant wait to see you!

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, June 17, 2013

Well, it is getting close!

so this week was a lot of work and spiritually testing. We finally got one of our investigators to church and i have high hopes for this guy. we will see how things go.  Sorry if this is a short email i am kinda jumping between computers so I will try to put the most important stuff up first!

 Well, the letter to president site is down so i guess i have a little more time! anyways, this week my companion really got down to the nitty gritty about some things and we have uncovered some really important questions he has and so we have been working them out. it has been a really cool experience because it reminds me a lot of when i first got out here and i started learning the right questions to ask to really strengthen my testimony. of course, there is no gain without some pain so we have been working hard to figure out these answers. i feel like when we get to the bottom of everything we will be a lot better off as a companionship and missionaries. its kinda like watching someone learn to drive. you see them trying and trying and you know they eventually are going to get it because you were in their shoes before.  so at the point when they believe it is never going to happen and are pulling their hair out you can kinda just smile inside because you know they will figure it out and how valuable it will be to them when they do.

so, that has been this week. a lot of those, "i remember how hard it was to..." moments.  it makes me a lot more grateful for the progression i have made in my life. 

Well, i love you all and i pray for you each that you may overcome your trials. I send out my condolences to the Shaw family and pray for you and your missionary boys out there in the field. I know that the things they are learning and teaching will make it possible for them to find comfort and strength in this time of  trial.

See you soon,

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey there Everybody!!

Well, as far as the stuff i know i will bring home i probably have like 4 or 5 shirts that are worth keeping and the rest are torn or stained beyond repair so i will not bring those back. the grey suit i was thinking of just getting another pair of slacks so i will have two when i get home cause it is still in really nice shape. the black suit i came out with only has one pair of slacks left but i will bring the jacket and pants home. the green suit i had is currently serving a mission in Chicago Illinois. :) i figured it still had a couple more miles in it and the missionary really needed one. I will try getting a bike box this week and seeing how big it is and whatnot so i can get you a good quote. i am still thinking it through if i want to send it to Hawaii or not. but i will give you a quote for wherever i plan on sending it. My buddy said he was actually going to have his wedding here in Los Angeles so i think it might be more reasonable to go. OH YEAH, AND MY OTHER BIKE I CAME HERE WITH NO LONGER EXISTS BECAUSE IT GOT STOLEN..... Just remembered that. so i just have one to send. :)

The job in Elko sounds good! i will work anywhere especially if i can get buff, speak Spanish, and make a little money for school. Claro que si! Also never heard of the place before but i googled it and i'm okay with middle of nowhere.

It sounds like everybody is getting back into the summer swing up there. I am so glad to hear all the news. i really do hope that britt can make it to my homecoming! that would be sweet! also the trinkets i got for the brothers are t shirts and snap-backs so im sure they are gonna love them.

anyways, this week was a great one. even though its from Wednesday through Sunday we had some really good successes. One of the families we have been working with called us up on Saturday and asked if we could help with a project in their yard fixing sprinklers and whatnot. you can only imagine how happy i was to hear this!!! I haven't had a good project with yard work in like years. i was like Dad in a high fructose corn syrup shop. so, through working with the family i really got to meet and get to know one of the dads. he is super cool and I think that after he realized we could walk the walk and get stuff done he opened up to me a lot. when we first met him and told him we could help him when he was planning the project he seemed kinda skeptical. (most people do when we offer to dig in the dirt when we are wearing business attire) So, that was our big success this weekend. i really love that family and will miss them when i go. next weekend we will be continuing the project and hopefully finishing it.

The work goes on and my testimony is continuing to be strengthened every day. I am so grateful for the little things because those are the things that make the difference for me. I love you all so much and i pray for you every day. This is my last month in my mission and i am going to make it worth it. I know the savior lives. My father in heaven loves me. Joseph Smith restored the true church of Jesus Christ and I am a part of it. I know that the book of Mormon can change lives. and it is never too late to come back to the fold.

Elder Channing Winterrose

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Well, Morgan i think you just lived up to the phrase, "Made it by the skin on my teeth." I am so stinkin' proud of you little bro. i am glad you made it even though i oughta kick you in the butt for procrastinating so long, but you did it. Now you are all free from school and can devote more of your time and efforts to getting ready for a mission. I invite you to go out and teach with the missionaries and even just go kick it with them on their pdays over at the chapel. I know that for me just getting to know them and being around them made the decision to serve a mission much more comfortable. Really don't waste this time you have right now. and don't forget, i am super proud of you.

Well, it seems like my mission is slowly drawing to a close. This last Wednesday we had transfers. seeing as it was my last one i was really hoping for things to stay the way they are but it is what it is. My new companion is from salt lake city, UT and his name is elder Chriss. This is his second transfer and he is still super super green. It is a real kick in the butt for me and a reality check some times but its okay. his greenie fire keeps me on my toes. :) the only real downside tho is that because he is a visa waiter he could go any moment and then i would have to go to someone elses area and get babysat and that is like the last thing i want before i go home.

anyways, the work is slowly progressing here, pretty much the only thing we have to do all day is tract so it is getting old. Either way the work goes on.
I miss you all and cant wait to see you. Your prayers are welcome.

Love, Elder Channing Winterrose

ps, sorry i don't have any pictures but i will send some as soon as i get a couple.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family and friends,

Well, it sounds like everything is working out back at home. it is always good to hear that the missionaries in my home ward are getting work done. i cant believe that all of that is working out for mo. i tell ya, return missionaries are gonna be the best friends he will make in this time of his life. i remember working with elder Olson and elder Cantrell and how much of an influence they were for me while getting ready for my mission.

Anyways, being transfer week and all i have lots of news. some good some not so good. Seeing as i really like my current companion i really wasn't hoping for change. either way it happened. Elder stinson will be missed. he is going to huntington park ward. I will be staying here and finishing training Elder Chriss. he is a visa waiter from salt lake city, (woo hooo!) :) who is going to the Argentina mission and he has only been out for a transfer. his trainer was also really new because i have never heard of him before either until now. so...this transfer is going to be like yoda and luke. i just hope it all goes smooth. I think i am going to start sending stuff home now so i wont have to worry about it the last week. i was also wondering if i need to bring home all my clothes because most of them are trashed or stained or ripped or faded so i was thinking of just giving them away or chucking them. That way i could have room for other stuff i wanted to bring home like souvenirs I've picked up along the way and stuff for the brothers and whatnot.

so, this is the beginning of the end. I am really hoping that the work picks up this transfer so i can leave it better than i found it. I am going to try and finish strong so keep praying for me!

I love you all and wish the best.

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS. if anybody has a job i can work for a while when i get back it would be much appreciated! need money for school and whatnot.