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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Well, Morgan i think you just lived up to the phrase, "Made it by the skin on my teeth." I am so stinkin' proud of you little bro. i am glad you made it even though i oughta kick you in the butt for procrastinating so long, but you did it. Now you are all free from school and can devote more of your time and efforts to getting ready for a mission. I invite you to go out and teach with the missionaries and even just go kick it with them on their pdays over at the chapel. I know that for me just getting to know them and being around them made the decision to serve a mission much more comfortable. Really don't waste this time you have right now. and don't forget, i am super proud of you.

Well, it seems like my mission is slowly drawing to a close. This last Wednesday we had transfers. seeing as it was my last one i was really hoping for things to stay the way they are but it is what it is. My new companion is from salt lake city, UT and his name is elder Chriss. This is his second transfer and he is still super super green. It is a real kick in the butt for me and a reality check some times but its okay. his greenie fire keeps me on my toes. :) the only real downside tho is that because he is a visa waiter he could go any moment and then i would have to go to someone elses area and get babysat and that is like the last thing i want before i go home.

anyways, the work is slowly progressing here, pretty much the only thing we have to do all day is tract so it is getting old. Either way the work goes on.
I miss you all and cant wait to see you. Your prayers are welcome.

Love, Elder Channing Winterrose

ps, sorry i don't have any pictures but i will send some as soon as i get a couple.

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