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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family and friends,

Well, it sounds like everything is working out back at home. it is always good to hear that the missionaries in my home ward are getting work done. i cant believe that all of that is working out for mo. i tell ya, return missionaries are gonna be the best friends he will make in this time of his life. i remember working with elder Olson and elder Cantrell and how much of an influence they were for me while getting ready for my mission.

Anyways, being transfer week and all i have lots of news. some good some not so good. Seeing as i really like my current companion i really wasn't hoping for change. either way it happened. Elder stinson will be missed. he is going to huntington park ward. I will be staying here and finishing training Elder Chriss. he is a visa waiter from salt lake city, (woo hooo!) :) who is going to the Argentina mission and he has only been out for a transfer. his trainer was also really new because i have never heard of him before either until now. so...this transfer is going to be like yoda and luke. i just hope it all goes smooth. I think i am going to start sending stuff home now so i wont have to worry about it the last week. i was also wondering if i need to bring home all my clothes because most of them are trashed or stained or ripped or faded so i was thinking of just giving them away or chucking them. That way i could have room for other stuff i wanted to bring home like souvenirs I've picked up along the way and stuff for the brothers and whatnot.

so, this is the beginning of the end. I am really hoping that the work picks up this transfer so i can leave it better than i found it. I am going to try and finish strong so keep praying for me!

I love you all and wish the best.

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS. if anybody has a job i can work for a while when i get back it would be much appreciated! need money for school and whatnot.

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