Serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, this week has been full of Christmas miracles!

It was sooo nice to have the chance to speak to all of you and to see you was even cooler! it is great to catch up on work, play, friends, and family through a little phone call. I was really hoping to see Buster but then i remembered y'all were out of town.

For Christmas we went to a family's house and it was super fun. I think my tie collection has doubled in the last week and my companions is like octupuled if that is a word haha. but yeah, all the gifts were great, i even got to meet his family on Skype so it was a cool experience. The funny thing is that pretty much everybody down here celebrates Christmas on the 24th so we had a big shindig at a member's house on Christmas Eve and we all did presents there. lol. i think it is cause they just can't wait one more day. :) The food was great, we had chicken on Christmas that wasn't pollo loco for the first time and it was super good.

I really miss the snow back home. it is cold here but some days around noon we can still walk around with just a tshirt on so it isn't the same. and the cold just sucks cause then it rains and it's just miserable. at least if it was snow we could play in it! I feel like i am finally getting over being sick for like the last month so i hope it stays that way till summer lol.

We have been having a lot of success with one of our investigators and we set a baptismal date with her this week. We went to the visitors center the other day with her and it was the best! you can really tell when someone is elect because you can feel the spirit almost to the point of crying with them. The part i liked the most was the Mormon message the sisters showed us at the end. here's the link. It is a perfect message for the new year. I invite all of you to watch it with your families. :)

Tomorrow we will have a morning devotional for the whole mission to go over our goals and Standards of Excellence for the year. Last year it was a great experience and i am looking forward to it.

Well, I love you all and i hope that this new year you remember to look not behind yourselves and make achievable goals that will make you more happy when you achieve them.

Con Cariño,

Elder Channing Winterrose

Thursday, December 20, 2012

well, this week has been a fun one. a few of my best friends are in my district and they know how to enjoy the work while working hard. we have been having a blast while waiting for the news that comes tonight. I really hope i don't get transferred. I have a lot of work going on here and i have had more success in this area than anywhere else. I think it has a lot to do with the members and the way they work with the missionaries. they are great at making everybody feel invited. In this ward they really have the spirit of understanding when it comes to our investigators and new members. they know just what to do to get the goals they set and that is what i really admire. I have really grown to love the people in the ward and i feel like this is the place where i can reach the most of my potential. I sent off a little Christmas card to the family, i hope you get it soon. I got the cookies from grandma. they were amazing :) Anyways, transfers are tomorrow so i will let you all know what happens next week! pray for me! Love, Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear family and Friends,

Well, this week has been kinda cool. If any of you know Donny Osmond he is coming to our ward this month while he is doing a show at the Pantages Theater. My buddy, Elder W., was greeted by him at the door this Sunday and of course, Mr. Mississippi didn't know who he was talking to so he thought he was just "another nosy white guy asking where the missionaries were from" hahaha. when he realized who it was he was like "oh crap! that was Donny Osmond!!!" He really makes me laugh.

Yesterday Elder P and I stayed after church and practiced with the choir for our ward then came back at like 6:00 to practice with the English ward. Our organist is super good and after practices he belted out some beautiful songs like he could do it in his sleep haha. I was blown away. After we got home, Elder P was really wanting to sing so i gave him a voice lesson and DANG he sounds a lot better already. I guess that's one of the perks of having a piano in the apartment. :) Elder P is a really great companion. he is super humble and never afraid to try new things out. it's cool because most of the things i have done before aren't the norm. :)

Anyways this week we had the confirmation of our investigator and it went great. We ended up doing it right after sacrament because everybody kinda forgot about it during the announcements haha. but we made sure to get it done.

While at the temple i received some sad news.  the bike that i had let another missionary borrow got stolen like 2 transfers ago and i just learned about it. the missionary said he would pay me back for it. I'm not worried about it though. i was glad to help another missionary out with the resources i had. :) Plus i have a bike so i don't have to worry about that one.

I have been having some pretty bad luck with sending out mail lately but I'm still trying to write more often, so bear with me. As for this Christmas, I am going to be Skyping the family and probably around 6:00 if it works out, but if not let me know. we already have a family who has it so i just have to pray I don't get transferred on the 18th. I would be kinda upset if that happened. I already got transferred right before my birthday which kinda killed all of my plans so i hope it doesn't happen again. I love you all and wish the best for you.


Elder Winterrose

PS: Dear Morgan, please be careful getting off of the ski lift or your mullet may get caught in the lift and cause others the discomfort of being stuck on the lift. :)

PPS: Oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention! Elder S. in our district decided to take on the ultimate challenge at Fatburger - 17 patties on a bun! he didn't make it though - he only made it to 11 patties. it was a good effort though. :) I got myself a xxxl with two of the patties he didn't eat making it a XXXXXL. a very big burger haha.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey Bowl 2012 - I think he's trying to look fierce
Welcome to a sweet new Sister!

I think we're looking at a special part he put on his bike, but I'm not sure which one. :)
Hello family and friends,

Sorry the last couple of weeks have been short letters, it has been a little crazy lately. We have had 3 baptisms in the last 3 weeks so it has been a spiritual high lately for me! Along with that I have been getting everything ready for my college applications and what not, which takes a lot of time on preparation days, so i haven't had much time.

I think that's super cool that you guys found a great older car. A small one's all you really need. As long as it can make it to the mountain right? :)

I got a letter this week and it was a sweet surprise. It seems like the postal system is having a really hard time getting my mail through, so sorry if my letters aren't making it out as quick as I try.
This week we got the chance to go through the temple and it was really nice. I always find peace when i go there.

Well, I don't really know what else to tell you....

Hmmm... last week we had the street closed off for the filming of the first episode 5th season of Southland sooo if anybody watches that we gotta see the stars in it. That was kinda cool.

yeah, but really this week we haven't had a lot going on, we have been working a lot with our just baptized recent converts and investigators who are getting baptized. There has been a lot of rain this week too so we have been kinda limited to how much of our area we can cover. We are about to really get back into the groove and start finding a bunch of people again so it should be picking up soon.

Well, I love you all soo much for reading my letters and giving me your prayers and support.
Please pray for me and continue to help the missionaries in your areas to the best of your abilities.


Elder Channing E. Winterrose

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear family and friends,

Well this week i have a lot to be grateful for. Thursday we got a great referral that lead to an even better teaching opportunity. that family i told you about in the last email met a family in the Children's hospital and they wanted us to come and give their daughter a blessing. We stayed there for about 2 hours and got to know them as well as teach the Restoration. I really enjoyed it. They are a very nice and humble. the girl we gave the blessing has leukemia and is 18 years old. she is super cool and way upbeat. I love how like the whole time she seemed happy. When we left they all could feel something different in the room. I could too.
Anyways, that night we went to dinner at a member's house in Elder Walker's area and had some super good food.
Sunday i got the chance to give two confirmations and it went super well.  :) Today we have the Turkey bowl for our zone and that's why i don't really have a bunch of time.
I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Channing Winterrose

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well, the rains finally fell!

This week we finally got a little bit of precipitation. Saturday it really poured for a while.
We spent a lot of our efforts planning for the 2 baptisms that we had on Sunday. The investigators, a mother and daughter, got baptized. They are super dedicated and have come a long way. For that I am proud. :) I will send a bunch of pictures. I sang a musical number at it too. it had been a looong time since i had sang in front of a crowd and my heart was beating like my sambas in the dryer. It went off without a hitch though. After that they wanted to sing a song... so the brother who was in charge of directing the songs picked one that was pretty hard to play... I looked at Elder Palomino over behind the piano with that deer in the headlights look so i suggested to the brother if we could sing Nearer My God To Thee. I assumed that was a pretty easy one because it is like the only one i have "learned". and I am not that good at it still. When i went over to tell him he still had that look on his face... So, having NEVER touched the piano infront of a crowd before, i played the whole song. And it didn't sound bad! I think that was my biggest achievement of the day. :) so, Sunday was a crazy but rewarding day.

Later that night as we were leaving a fireside for the youth, about to go to dinner, we got a call to go and give a blessing to a little baby. A little background, the dad is a return missionary from 2 years ago and his wife and he had this beautiful little girl.  Only just 2 months ago and she was diagnosed with cancer when they found a tumor in her thigh. Talk about a trial of faith. . . he gave us the update on her and she is going to have an mri today to see if the chemotherapy is taking. When i saw that little girl for the first time i could instantly feel the spirit in the room. I don't think i could have cared about anything else in the world more than this little girl i had just met. It really made me think about the value of the little children in the eyes of God. So perfect and innocent. Please keep her in your prayers cause i know i will. Her name is Reina.

Anyways, this week we didn't have much else going on besides interviews with president and that is always a great opportunity to get to know him and receive some personal counsel.

Well, I gotta lot of work to do on some college applications if I'm ever goin' to learn good, so i gotta run. :/

I love you all so much, and I apologize for not having some more words on the page. I'm doing great, and the lord is blessing us amply.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and remember to be grateful!


Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey,  first before i forget i wanna send some pictures. one is the last day with elder Shannon before he left for home. then i got one of me making pupusas. some super bomb Salvadorian food. and the last one is of my companion and i writing this email! (Only one photo came through - here it is...)

Well, this week has been pretty dang crazy and with transfers we had a lot of changes.  My companion is elder palomino, he says he's about 6'2", 180 lbs, super buff, and has an amazing tan. but really he's like the dinky little thing i was as a greenie.  he is super dedicated to the work, super funny and has only just finished training. I think him and i are gonna have a great transfer. :) He is from mesa, arizona and already knows spanish which is great. We already have a few baptisms coming up for next week.

We also had some big changes with our area where they pretty much took all four areas of the ward and changed them. they split our area in half and put new missionaries in the other side. the only thing that made it tough is that they split it north to south instead of the east to west split they had before. It is all good though we still have our investigators who are really progressing.

man, that is the craziest story about britton winning the internship!  Im so proud of you bro, it really shows what being your own advocate can do. dont forget to keep me updated about what your up to!

I love you all so much, Dad take care in New York! Mom, i miss you tons! Dain and Mo keep working hard in all you do!

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, this week has been good, we got 3 baptismal dates coming up and we have a lot of work with them as well. I haven't had the chance to get to doing my application essays but i will try and print them out today or soon. This week has been a little stressful getting everything ready for transfers and having elder Shannon going home on Wednesday.  He's probably one of my favorite companions so I have been trying extra hard to help him with whatever he may need as well as make sure
these weeks are fruitful and enjoyable for him.

As for me i have been really thinking a lot about transfers and what might happen. it is highly possible that they could be taking the south half of our area and reopening it as it's own again. which if this happens it would be perfectly fine with me, cause the huge area is running me into the ground with all the work. Besides that i already know that I'm getting a new companion but i have no idea where seeing as I'm sitting with one foot in each area and i will probably lose one of them. The other thing I have been thinking is how long i have been out and I'm still Junior companion. .. I know i have a place and God is gonna put me wherever that is but sometimes i cant help but think "really? Am I Ever gonna be able to call my own shots?" but it's whatever. I am just happy if i can help people.

I have been really trying hard to send out more letters but the other day i just got one back that didn't go through. That always is a huge bummer. so if you get one that is in a dinky little envelope that
looks like i had to Origami the letter to get it in there it's cause it didn't make it the first time around.

I really do love you all sooo much. and I think about you a lot. Dad, have a safe trip and if you can send me lots of pictures of the Other Big City. It's always great to get an update on how work is going for you.  Britt you too. I may be in Sunny LA but don't save all the paradise in Hawaii for yourself. shoot me some pics bro.

Well, Hasta la proxima.

Next week i will give y'all the big news on my transfers.

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Everybody!

Well, this has been an exciting and eventful week!  First of all elder Shannon and i were granted a sweet surprise this Thursday while picking up some dinner at the market down the street! we were getting some cake and ice cream for his birthday on Friday and a guy came up and said "hey elders!" and we struck up a conversation. he was a member who had come home from his mission two years back and he told us he would be glad to come to appointments with us. when he gave us his phone number 5... 0.... 9..... !!! i was like, ARE YOU FROM WASHINGTON?!?!?! and he was kinda surprised and told us yeah, just a small city. I was like where!? he had a really funny look on his face cause i think i musta looked like a super goober with how excited i was. then he said, "Pasco" that's when i started laughing and we told him we were from Richland and Kennewick so he could join in the excitement. :) it is such a small world!  anyways, the next day we got to celebrate Elder Shannon's birthday and it was super fun. we started off by going with our investigators to a place called Mels, then afterword we went to a place called Frog......  one of like a thousand frozen yogurt places in LA.
It made for a really fun day.

Saturday we had some cool stuff going down in Hollywood. They had a giant fair/party thing at Hollywood forever where everybody dressed up like dead people. for Day of the Dead. it was cool

Well, i don't have much time but i love you all!

Take care,
Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey Family!

well this has been a good week. this week i remembered my camera, i got a bunch of pictures up there. Today we went to the Hollywood sign and i got a bunch of pictures but these are my favorite, the buddy with me in the picture is Elder Brenton Walker from Mississippi he's like my favorite missionary in this area if i had to choose. :)  so the other picture is of me "killing" elder Shannon because he is going home in like 2 weeks! we found a sword in one of the members houses and he let us play with it cause we "look like 2 responsible young men" :) The last one is the picture of our Bedroom/apartment. we decided to just give up a couple weeks ago and just move our beds into our living room because some "Brilliant Southern Californian engineers decided that that was the best place to put the air-conditioner. Now if i had the tools i would take care of that but alas, I don't.

Well, I think that is one of the new caves i have never heard of before.  Elder Shannon told me about some he went to near there called the Horse Cave. then there's another one called the Ice Cave and The Cheese Cave. i will have to add them to my list of awesome places to visit. I guess the Bronson caves up here are all closed down cause they found some dead dudes head or something in there. Crazy!

This week i am asking president baker if i can start working on my application to go to school so hopefully that will happen soon. I know my grades aren't the best so hopefully i can get by on good looks and a name-tag alone. :)

I love you all and i sent out some fatty letters this week so check your mailboxes!

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hola a todos!!!

Well, this week has been kinda crazy and i can say i am really starting to feel the pressure of the work in this area. We are at the point where we have a ton of different investigators to work with and it is harder than catching buster after a bath to keep them all on appointment and progressing.  The really cool thing though is that none of the stress comes from the teaching, it is just a manner of keeping all of the sheep in the fold with scheduling and everything.  You know you got a lot of work when out of nowhere your investigators call YOU and ask you when you have time to come over haha.

This week we had our ward Dia de Hispanidad and it was super cool. we got to have a booth from every country in the ward and ours was full of a bunch of proselyting stuff like books of Mormon, pamphlets and other things. oh yeah, and we had a Giant Book of Mormon suit to wear.
that was awesome. We had a really great turnout and we got a bunch of referrals out of it.

I also had some good luck this week, while taking out the trash i found a huge kenwood sound system by the dumpster and it works perfectly. now we can bump our Mo Tab until the AM. :) Today we gotta play soccer and we all had matching uniforms it was siiick. I know it sounds dumb but you gotta see the pictures. :) Well, I don't have a lot of time but i hope you all enjoy the pictures, I love you tons!

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

well, this week has been a good one! for the past transfer elder Shannon has been playing the conference talks from previous conferences whenever we are sitting in the apartment. man, come conference day i was stoked to hear our prophet speak! We had one of our awesome investigators come to church with her daughter. after the first session was over and the daughter had to leave, the investigator told us that the greatest goal she had for her life that very moment was to be baptized! you can't imagine how excited we were! we also had some other investigators come and they could definitely feel the spirit very strongly and were receiving answers to their prayers.

I think it funny that it didn't come as much of a shock to me when they announced that worthy boys could start their missions at only 18 years old but, when i realized that it meant that Morgan could go on his mission before i get home, i had a little mental freak out hahaha. It really is a great blessing because the sooner that those boys get out there the better off they will be. it is something i have come to gain a testimony of throughout my mission.

I really liked the talk that was given towards the welfare of children and especially how it focused on how the parent's biggest responsibility was not to each other, but to properly raise the blessed souls God has put in their care. When counsel like this is not followed there are always repercussions and serving in LA, a place very centered on the vain things of the world, i have seen the effects of broken families, abandoned children, infidelity and so forth.. for reals, Parents, If you love your children, love each other.  They reap the benefits of your example. As a little bundle of joy is very similar to a sponge sometimes. they take in EVERYTHING. good and bad.

I'm buying stamps today! letters will come out shortly.

Daino! i cant believe your 15!!! you are so dang big!  you gotta write me a letter telling me what you want boy! I'll go pick it up from the alley for ya.

Well, i would love to sit and chat a little while longer but we gotta run, I love you all and send my wishes for you.

Don't be a stranger, feel free to send a letter or three! ;)

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey there everybody!

Well, transfers were this week and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with them. My NEW area i will be covering is called Fairfax..... but the cool thing is, I didn't get transferred! I'm still with Elder Shannon who will, after this transfer, be landing in the Pasco airport! If you all wanna give him a huge surprise show up and welcome my companion home! :)  We are still covering this area but we lost two elders out of the eight in the ward so we gained their part of the area. I am pretty sure it will only be temporary while we don't have the Spanish missionaries available to cover it this transfer and we will probably get more Spanish greenies this next transfer to fill the area. It is a HUGE blessing. Now we have 1/2 of the ward in our boundaries and we will never have to look hard for work if we do this right. Yesterday we had a great turnout at church. we had three of our investigators show up and two just popped in to visit the church for the first time! so now we have a great teaching pool of people who are amazing, aka, they keep commitments. :)

Man, speaking of commitments, i know i have been a real loser at writing people lately and I hope it isn't held against me at the last day cause this week i am gonna repent! hear me! i just gotta get me some more stamps hahaha.

This Sunday we had the great opportunity of speaking in church for 5th Sunday lesson.  Two other elders and I were asked to share our testimonies. I was really impressed to talk on the missionary work that goes into preparing missionaries in their home ward. On Saturday morning one of the members in the ward went through the temple for the first time. This guy has been the greatest help to our mission work in the last couple months as he has been preparing for his mission in Ohio. I don't remember what prompted me, but that morning i was sitting there with elder Shannon and i looked at my watch and thought to myself, "Holy cow! God is preparing another missionary right now!" while thinking of this elder.  At that moment i really thought about what i just thought. God is preparing every person who has been conferred with the gift of the Holy Spirit for their own missionary opportunities EVERY DAY.... When i thought about that, the number of missionaries in our ward just jumped from 6 to like 160. This was a bit of what i went ahead and shared at the pulpit that day - that really, each and every one of us has a great potential to be the missionary Heavenly Father has appointed us to be. As sons and daughters of an Eternal Father, we have been blessed with so much! 
Just like it says in Doctrine and Covenants Section 82:3

"For of him unto whom much is given much is required..."

It is sooo true. like really i cant think of a better way to say it. With all of this said, I have to say when i hear the stories of all of your missionary experiences i wanna be fist pumpin' like a champ. but i can't cause i'm in a library and that would be a little weird. I am so so proud of those stories.  It makes me wanna get out there in the heat and preach. :)

I love you all so much and i pray for you all every day. Even those who aren't of this faith. I have had so many people bless my life in different ways and i thank them all in my prayers to my heavenly father.

With this week coming up we have the wonderful opportunity to listen to a living prophet of God speak to us concerning our eternal salvation. We will be given much in these conferences. Thus this is my invitation, INVITE EVERYBODY. Just one simple thing to do; invite those you encounter this week to listen to a Prophet's voice and I can promise you that you will feel an increase of the spirit in yourselves, your home, and your family.

I love you all and thank you for taking the time to read these letters.

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey there family and friends,

This week has been pretty good and we have had some good successes and a lot of referrals coming in from the ward.  I think i can attribute that all to the efforts that we have been putting into training/inviting the members to really pray and look for people to share the gospel with. It has been a really fun and productive area so far and I really hope i can be here with Elder Shannon at least one more transfer. we hopefully have 2 solid baptisms coming up. I say hopefully because one doesn't quite live in the mission yet but has plans on moving in soon. we are duke-ing it out with pres to be able to teach her here until then. I hope it all goes well.

We have a bunch of people to teach now after a lot of work.  It feels way nicer to worry about what to teach rather than where the heck were gonna find people to teach. haha. It was extra difficult, seeing as our brains were fried most the time from the over 100 degree weather. The heat has been killer but we put our shoulder to the wheel and got a bunch of people to visit. This week has definitely gone by faster and felt easier too.

Well, this week i heard some cool talks that kinda made me decide i have to vote. i heard them in this order. the first one was henry b eyring in the 2010 october 4th session Trust in God, and then go and the second one was President Monson, the 3 R's of choice in that same priesthood session. If you listen to them you will feel the same.

Well, really not much is new since the last Wednesday, just another day, another blessing.

I love you all and wish the best of luck to all you rm's out there, just don't forget what your purpose is and the lord will take care of all the rest.

Con cariño,

Elder Channing E. Winterrose

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

haha, yeah this was a pretty eventful week, like you said i did get the opportunity to meet Miranda and it was pretty cool. her Dad actually isn't a member and we gotta talk to him for a while. he works in our area from time to time but unfortunately he didn't know anyone who speaks Spanish haha. Besides that this week i have been trying to get my toiletry bag that was lost in zone mail but when it finally arrived (after being lost for 4 weeks now) it was empty except for my razor and shampoo! so I got a hold of president and he helped me out so i could find out where the rest of my stuff went. It seems it went to the wrong zone and an elder got it and decided to throw away everything he didn't want. I'm not gonna ask why i am just happy to find out what happened. I told him if he payed me so i could get new stuff then it would be all fine. Oh well at least it is all done and over with.

This week we have also been battling with over 100 degree weather and on bike it sucks. You are dehydrated most of the time for one, and two you have like nowhere to escape the heat if nobody lets you in. :/ so that has been kinda crazy. I took a look at my shirts the other day and they are the nastiest ever. hahah. i think i am going to send you all one i have worn so you can believe me. like some days the sweat manages to make it all the way across the shirt in the front and back and it gets through the whole collar. Gross right?

We have managed to see a couple of blessings this week through all of our efforts and we now have some good investigators coming through the woodwork. We also got the awesome opportunity to have stake conference this last Sunday and i got to see a bunch of the people from bell gardens ward including my buddy Chris. We had a couple of general authorities there, the area seventy over the stake as well as elder Johnson. Elder Johnson gave a great talk on how when trials come we usually don't recognize the blessings until after they have already passed. It was a great talk to soften the blow of the news we received. That the Huntington Park West stake was going to be dissolved and that the first ever Spanish stake in the united states was going to no longer exist. it is going to be a big adjustment as they are also changing the wards to have Spanish and English youth programs combined. They said the reason was to prepare them to be great leaders of the church and i believe it will do just that.  This should be a cool change and i am super excited for it.

Well, I love you all and thank you for all the support. If you have been waiting for a letter, well, I'm a loser and need to get better at writing them. but i will do it soon promise.

Con carino,
Elder Channing E. Winterrose

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey there Family,

Well this week has been kinda crazy. We had splits twice so i wasn't in the area for two days. We have been doing a lot of work but we still haven't really found anybody who is "prepared". :/ So the search goes on. I bought some new cleats with my birthday money because we play for like a couple hours each week. they are pretty sick and they should last a pretty long time. they're the orange and silver mercurials with the laces covered. now i think i might get some new basketball shoes cause mine don't have any tread.

I took the ACT after splits on Saturday morning. Dang that is a long test! it was pretty cool though. they told us we had 5 hours to do it and we can take as much time on each of the sections we want. I think it really helped with the study book too because on the questions there is a bunch of crap you don't really need to know and i just cut right through that. Hopefully one year from now i will be hittin' up byui or even better byuh.

Well, besides splits the week has been a lot of work that hasn't lead really anywhere. Were just riding around Hollywood planting seeds for now. We are actually doing a lot of work training the members on how to better share the gospel. I hope it starts paying off soon.

One thing that really helps is we kinda explained to them that they don't have to be ready for baptism because that is kinda what we do haha. its also good to remember that when they start asking questions STOP answering all of them and just INVITE. because a lot of the time we get in the mode of answering all of their questions then they're left there satisfied and you still haven't invited them to do anything. so, i invite you all who read this to try and apply that next time your getting interrogated. :)

Jase, Congrats vato you dominated that mission.

I love you all and hope you take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, September 3, 2012

hahaha, i see that the brothers have been having fun shooting lately. I just hope you all aren't blowing through all your money puttin' lead to the dirt.

This week has been pretty good, i have been super busy and we have been trying a lot of different stuff in an effort to get a big teaching pool. Today we went and played soccer with a bunch of the men from church and it was tons of fun. one thing you will never see in LA though is grass on a soccer field haha. It was lots of fun and a good way to get to know some of the returning members in the ward. I am really liking this area and there is always an abundance of members willing to help us.

man, I can't believe daino is already in high school! what is it like man? is it all you imagined it would be? i hope it is tons of fun. just remember it all is going to count later on so make sure you make good choices and work hard.

Preparing for the ACT has been pretty easy. That little book has a lot of information in it and i think it will help a boat load. I am a little more than half way through it and should finish it in time. I am gonna make sure i got everything ready for it so it will be a breeze. A lot of it is just strategies on how to manage your time and stuff while testing and i already knew how to do that. most of the actual questions are pretty easy though.

Well, this week we haven't really had anybody to teach but we keep looking. it is so dang hot here it is dreadful to just walk around and contact but, hey, what else can we do. we are gonna try and get an activity to get people ready for conference so they can use it as a missionary opportunity. this ward is pretty organized and i cant wait to have some investigators so they can really start helping us out.

Well, I miss you all a ton but try not to let it distract me. I am really hoping for more work to make it easier to focus, so if you can all send your prayers our way we appreciate it.

I love you all and send my wishes out to the cousins. :)

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, August 27, 2012

Man, the things you see in Hollywood... I never thought i would see so many things till i came here hahaha. The other day we were walking to an appointment and as we were walking someone rounded the corner in front of us wearing a playboy bunny outfit... LIKE SERIOUSLY, "Ma'am it is about 2 in the afternoon could you possibly choose a weirder outfit????" So we avoided the scene until she walked into the same building as us and when we walked in she like stared at our name tags and said, "What are you??" Hahaha, like we were dressed up too! I was freaked out and almost asked the same to her! I blurted out," Missionaries!" and we ran away down the hall. ugh, sometimes this city can be super gross. yuck. anyways there's also ton's of the most awkward billboards all over the city. but you get good at ignoring them. This next weekend the MORMON musical is going on Broadway in our area. We drove by and took some pictures. there's a 50 foot banner that says I HEART MORMON. it was kinda funny. :)

Well, this week has been really weird. It is quite an adventure with both of us not knowing a single soul and trying to remember all of the faces, and names as well as constantly add more to the list. We are getting everything really organized and i have never in my mission had to rely so heavily on the Area Book, but it is truly serving as a real blessing and we are doing some good finding through it.

This ward is also a huge help. They are very supportive and i have gotten multiple cakes and they are always looking for ways to serve us which is like super awesome. Today we are losing the car as well so we will be on bike and definitely can use the help of the members now.

Well, besides that we have a few good investigators and i don't wanna count my chickens yet but i think they are pretty good eggs. :) this last week Elder Shannon started teaching me how to play piano. I can now actually play Nearer My God to Thee. and hopefully when i get home i will have a lot more learned. it is a super nice talent to have especially on a mission. Ahh, i don't have a lot to report besides what has already been said. Today we are going to go check out this place called the Bronson caves and it should hopefully be worth the short drive. :)

I love you all soooooooo much and I really appreciate the letters you all send me. If i have been a little slow i apologize and i will catch up soon! it has been a little busy lately but i haven't forgotten you! :)

Cuidense mucho,

Elder Channing E. Winterrose

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hola Familia!

This week was a little crazy and unexpected, I am sure you all wanna know how my birthday went but first I got some news!

I got Transferred! Even better my companion is Elder Shannon! And he is from none other than Kennewick WASHINGTON!!!!!!! He even used to work at the DQ down the street on Gage and he graduated in 2010 from Kamiakin! Small world eh??? haha we Both are given the awesome assignment of whitewashing an area that covers Hollywood. it goes from la cienega in the west to western in the east and the top of the mission in the north and Santa monica blvd in the south. it is a pretty sweet ward too. it is LA 4th ward and it holds a pretty good reputation of being the best one out there. So far it has been a blast figuring out the area with just an area book and a map and the members are soo great at missionary work. i really hope we can dominate this area so we can fulfill their expectations of the new missionaries. It was a little weird moving into the new area right before my birthday but after meeting a handful of people we already had a party set up!

Thank you all soooo much for the birthday wishes and I am so glad for the package. Pootie boy, the toys were super cool! The only thing is I either have an impediment and don't know how to use a kazoo or those things were kinda broken hahaha. they made for ton's of fun though. :) We got to have a little fiesta after church at this awesome member's house and it was super nice. I even got a cake! I am super excited for the changes that have happened and all the new work we will have to do.
The only cool stories this week would be that Elder Shannon and I are like super Engineers and made a pipe/HVAC looking thingy to pipe cold air to our bedroom. haha i think the pictures will show that better though. Also for our dinner list we made a "sunset" picture out of a few we took and cut and pasted together. it goes great cause the name of our area is Sunset.
Well, i love you all and gotta run!

I hope you all remember to look for opportunities to serve and share the gospel.


 Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, so last Monday we tried to go to the aquarium but it was closed. i think that is okay cause today we gotta see some dolphins in the ocean! We got to go and check out a cool light house in  Palos Verdes and there was a super cool Whale Museum there too. while we were outside we saw out in the distance a bunch of dolphins swimming and hopping around. it was super cool! on our way home we spotted this really nice little library in PV and that's where we're emailing.

I sent a bunch of pictures this time. In one of them I took one cooking next to a lady in our ward who is, believe it or not, almost average height. :) some times i feel like i'm on Gulliver's travels haha. The other ones are just a bunch of random ones from today and one of my new suit with my WML.

Anyways this week has been pretty good and REALLY crazy too. Just the other day we were in this crazy apartment complex that we usually do a bunch of work in when something wild happened. We were knocking at a door of a potential and we heard a bunch of yelling from the door right behind us across the hall (as usual.) but then the door flies open this lady we know shoves one of our investigators out the door. He was super drunk and arguing with her. Anyways, they went at it yelling and hollering and shoving each other when He then starts yelling at us. At this point i was on one side of him and Elder Cressman is on the other side of him just petrified. He starts eyeballing Cressman and I was just sitting there ready to take this crazy little drunk guy down to the ground if he tried anything stupid. Then he Charges at Cressman about 10 feet and stops. Whew! after about like 20 minutes of talking to him and him punching walls and posts and the ground and such we got him to walk home. So..... That was exciting enough to get my blood pumping.

I think that all happened on Saturday, but that morning we were sitting in studies and the house like jerked really quick and that was scary. probably just a hiccup earthquake.  One of our investigators was talking about how The Big One is coming and that we are all gonna be screwed and sink into the sea or something.....  I'll keep my fingers crossed. Sorry if this letter is super boring but i think a lot of the cool stuff or spiritual experiences are zapped from my brain lately because of how hot it is. Like really, it's flippin' 90s here batman. and we're on bikes ALLLLLLL Day with like 3 times the humidity.  I think that i have been in like a heat coma lately and it has just turned me into a zombie.

So before i forget, Did you get my request for the stamps? if you did then great! And for all of you waiting your letters, they are on my way, and btw my birthday is on Sunday but I DO accept late presents! ;) Just kidding!

But not really... :)

Well, I am super glad to hear from you all and i miss you tons I will let you know what happens next Monday for transfers. I really hope i can stay in this area for a good while because it really is a great place. Oh yeah and the new area i am in covers the cities of Lawndale, The west side of Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa beach and The north part of Redondo beach. Everything south of my last Ward or south of Rosecrans for those of you who really wanna know.

well, I love you all and send a shout out to all my Bomb cousins serving in Brazil who get guns pulled on them, Just remember, You could have been sent to Compton. :)

Much Love,

Elder Winterrose

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear family,

well this week was pretty good and a little crazy. I am so glad to hear that you got my bike back! I got something cool for Ryan actually. There's this guy in my ward who made some needle's peak stickers and said he would love to sell him some for really cheap and that he can even ship them to Utah! I came up with the idea and i put one on my bike!  it worked out pretty legit and now like everybody is ordering different stickers from him. we all have bike names now like The Death Star or Penguin or Silver Bullet or mine, White Lightning. :)

anyways, so Monday we had a barbecue and we played football and soccer for like 4 hours and i got a pretty good tan/sunburn that i kinda payed for for the next few days. haha. this week i got to go on splits with elder Shumway, my old companion, and with the zone leaders too. it was a really cool experience. I think i have definitely come a long way from the last time i was with elder shumway so that was pretty cool to see.

This week i have had a sad thing happen. my super comfy bike seat is kinda dying on me. I think that is part of inheriting it from a garage and making it my own. but the thing is is that it is kinda just falling apart on the top and i think it may be like 25 bucks to get a new one so i kinda need a little help getting that... love you mom! ;) It makes it really hard to ride now because it like sticks to my suit pants and i cant really wear my new suit with it. :/  Bummer. anyways, its nice that even though it is super old I get a ton of compliments for it because it is pretty dang fancy. :)

There were a few other things i kinda needed lately while i was here. I have run low on stamps and i was wondering if y'all could send me some more.  also, I want to know if grandpa might have a copy of the First edition of Mormon Doctrine. by Bruce r McConkie. I really wanted one cause there's a bunch of cool stuff in there but there super old and hard to find.

Well, this week we had the super amazing opportunity to do a real life mockup of the Lehi's dream. it was super cool! We made a rod of pvc pipe across the chapel and it was sooo full of smoke from the kind of smoke machine they use in parties that it made it super realistic. we even had a great and spacious building with some of the young men yelling and stuff it was legit.

Well, that was about the highlight  of the week and it took a ton of work. it was great. Other things we got to do this week were meet a less active family and bring them to view a baptism.  They are also like the nicest family ever. then we got to have some really solid lessons that were super spiritual when i was on splits.

Well, I gotta say it is super weird to be 2 weeks from my birthday because it is weird to realize I'm like 2 to 3 years older than some of these people and they already have like one baby and one on the way. Sooooo weird. anyways. i'm sure when i get home like all the girls i knew will be married with children. ;) hahah.

so i just realized that britton is going to the home town of my mtc teacher hna Alvarez! so crazy he could actually run into her. i hear it is a small town.

Anyways, i kinda gotta run but i love you all and Invite you to ponder your scriptures and pray about them because they are the greatest things in this darn universe. :)

Love you all lots,
Elder Winterrose

Ps. That bike is still my baby. please take care of it!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello Family,

I don't think there is a busier and more fun family in the entire universe than the Winterrose boy's.  All the time when i tell people we are a family of all boys they give me this look all asustado (surprised) like, "that must be the craziest family ever" and the funny thing is they don't even know the half of it. dang it is so freaking awesome to hear the bros are going to efy, they will have the best experiences ever if they just really try to grow their testimonies. I am totally excited for them. If you guys think efy was fun then just imagine two years of being able to feel the best spirit ever just like at efy. Oh, and you get to be in places even more beautiful than Utah. haha.  Well, britton I think that you are doing a good job hooking me up with letters every week and it is never a boring pday knowing i have awesome letters to write! ps, you were totally right about how i would be broke by this time of the month and you totally spotted me laundry money hahaha. :) Love you bro.

Well, this week has been super crazy and on the side of stressful. but the best part of it was it was good stress. I am gonna start out with last Monday tho, After all of our crazy pday stuff we had dinner with this sister who is Tongan! She is a champ. She doesn't actually know Spanish super well but she is married to a man from Peru. She plays organ for church and she takes her daughter there so she can support her in learning her father's language! What a super cool family. They said next time they would make otai and osie and a bunch my other favorite Tongan foods haha. Only britton knows what osie is haha. :)  but i am super excited i finally got my own Tongan family!  Tuesday night we went to the visitor center with our investigator as well as the other missionaries and their investigators. We went on the temple tour around the grounds. It was a super spiritual lesson and visit and I think they all have a better understanding of why the temple is so important.

So Wednesday morning we were woken up by a strange experience! At about 3:00 in the morning I was woken up by what felt like someone shaking my bed really hard! After about like 10 seconds of this and me having no idea what was going on and kinda just laying there gripping my bed with white knuckles I realized what it was! But then i kinda just fell asleep again. hahaha! So that morning some of the members told us it was a 3.7 earthquake!  I guess i finally got to feel one! it was the coolest. :)

So, this week had some stress from the preparations for the baptism that was on Sunday but it felt good to be busy getting a lot done. We also had some stressful moments when we came upon one of our investigators who was struggling with the word of wisdom. That was Very frustrating. I guess when stuff like this happens though, it is more like a way to see where their desires are really at.

I love everything to do with bikes - what can I say!  Thanks Ryan!

Baptism!!!  She was absolutely Golden.

me, elder Olsen, elder Cressman, then elder Fransisco
Sunday was an awesome day.  I got the chance to baptize one of our coolest and most golden investigators we have ever encountered. The coolest part was that, that morning, elder Cressman told me that she was the sister of the member-lady we visit, and that I had been praying for her when she was moving here from Mexico. I guess i never connected those two dots before when she got here but that could be because i kinda forgot her name and just prayed for her as the sister of sister ___.  Haha. That was way sweet and a real recognition of how prayer has worked for me.

It is sooo nice to have baptisms because it really gets the momentum going. I feel like this area will work out really well for me as I continue to work hard with the members. This week we are having an awesome activity for the ward that we set up. It is going to be a real life run through of Lehi's dream. It should be a really fun and educational activity.

Well, Thank you all for the support you give me and the prayers in my behalf. I hope you all receive the blessings I try and send your way.  Congratulations Tyler! Elder Shannon says you're awesome too. Do work in the Philippines!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a good one down in Utah!

Elder Winterrose

ps, the picture of the four of us is me, elder Olsen, elder Cressman, then elder Fransisco. i took that like 20 minutes ago.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear family,

Well this week has been a little better than usual. Tuesday we had this thing called fundamentals. it is like an extra training on how to apply our teaching to our investigators. so that took until about 3 then we had the cool opportunity to go out with president Baker to work for a little bit. it was nice to see him teach and to learn a thing or two. so that was good.

this week we have really been busy getting everybody rides and such for the pioneer day activity that we were having on Saturday.  we have been having a lot of empathy for some of our investigators, There's sometimes stress that comes with making life changing decisions... well, what can you do. :)

Then the other day a member was brought to tears because she was having empathy for us - that all the time and efforts we'd spent wouldn't be fruitful. It was a real crazy experience because it gave me insight to the ministry of Jesus Christ - since he received persecution from the majority of the people that he encountered. I am sure that his apostles were frustrated when they saw him getting disrespected and ridiculed and what not for trying to share the gospel.  so that was kinda a cool experience that someone was so concerned about how we were being treated. It is so nice to know how much the members care about us though, they are super-servants of the lord. :)

well, then Saturday came around and i had an interview with President baker in the morning and he really helped me to have a better understanding of why i have been moved around and such. By this point i have kinda already came to terms with it and i am really trying to recognize the blessings I have in store for me in this area. I have already seen a bunch. :)

Man i feel like we as meadow springs ward are kinda losers when it comes to throwing a party! haha. The Pioneer day activity we had as a stake was probably the biggest celebration of that day i have ever seen outside of salt lake hahaha. :) it was super good and there were lots of cool people to get to know. the only bad thing though was that i started feeling a little nauseous and it quickly went downhill from there. anyways we spent the rest of the night in the apartment. :/ 

Well, it is pretty crazy thinking i have already been out for so long. i keep thinking back to what i was doing last summer before the mtc and how fun the Oregon coast was with the family. I will say though that i think the California coast might look a little bit better. ;) we should definitely have a little trip planned when i get back! :) Maybe britton and I could take a road trip from Juneau to Los Angeles together!

The other day i was asked by someone, "what is the meal you miss from home more than anything?" Well, months ago i think i could have had a better response, but this time i wasn't prepared haha. I think i might have forgotten what the food was like or something.  the thing is, i am just as happy with tortillas and carne asada, mole, pupusas, caldo, posole, sopes, tacos, arroz con pollo, panes, elotes, tamales, champurado or tortas, and lots of salsa as anything else hahaha.  :) (I still don't really love beans yet, but maybe i will warm up to it.) So, i think it should be a cool experience when i get back to try all of mom's cooking again and see what was my favorite. oh yeah, I almost forgot! Nobody knows how to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch around here so i think that would be my most missed food!

Well, I love you all and hope you keep having great adventures! Keep sending the news my way!

Les quiero,

Elder Winterrose

Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Cressman (top) Elder Winterrose (bottom)

Elder Winterrose and Elder Cressman
Well this week has been kinda better. First i wanna thank you for the money, i fixed my bike up and now im gonna go buy a suit so i can be all spectacular. This week we found a bunch of cool people from referrals from the members. one guy we found and his wife are pretty much the coolest cats around. :)  it was a way cool experience. Wednesday we had a cleaning check and we didn't fail haha. that's good news. what else.... I fixed elder Cressman's bike. that was about it.

Thursday was super cool. we went to a member's house to help her move and we only had about 30 minutes before a meeting we had to go to and all we were really doing was taping boxes. then one of them said how are we gonna move this trailer and i looked over and there was a big 25 foot camper trailer like hugging the fence on the other side of the yard. I took one look and said. "this has gotta be impossible."  anyways, about 3 hours later and after pushing and shoving this thing like no tomorrow with me calling out instructions, we eventually got it over onto the driveway ready to go. Yayyy! so that was way cool.

Friday was mine and a bunch of other's year marks so we went to cafe rio to celebrate and it was delish. that night we went over to a members house by ours and i noticed he had a bunch of stickers that said Shimano.... so i asked him what they were for and he told us he makes them for a living. so i asked him if he could make me a sticker for my bike that said white lightning and he was like heck yeah! he did it super quick and it looks siiick. now my bike is official. :) after mine we made one for elder cressman that said Silver Bullet and he cut it out of reflective tape so it looks cool.

Saturday we had an awesome impromptu lesson with one of our new investigators and she just "got it" I love when we have those moments. :) it is always sweet when people understand the things we teach without a ton of explanation. so that was cool.  That night our dinner appointment was at the church for a wedding. When i heard this i was thinking a reception right? no it was actually a wedding! I think it was like my first real wedding I've been to. crazy right?

Anyways then Sunday was a super-bomb experience. it was like all of the themes were on keeping the sabbath day holy and i think it was just what our investigators needed to stay the whole 3 hours. We also had a member introduce us to her sister who had just moved here from Mexico who told us she had been going to church for 2 years and was never baptized and that she even held a small calling haha. She asked us how soon she could get baptized and i was like floored. haha I really just wanted to say, " Well, it takes 47 minutes to fill the font!!" :)

so that was cool. the ward in this area is really amazing and i hope the momentum continues. i have really prayed about things and i feel it will all be okay. I just really don't wanna keep being bounced around if it is possible but whatever God needs i will do.

I love you all and keep up the missionary work. Don't break too many bones this summer. :)

Elder Winterrose

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear family,

Well, this has been kind of a crazy hectic week. On the 4th of July it was transfers.  I got my call Tuesday night that i was going to be transferred to the centinela area in the hermosa liahona ward... To be completely honest i was not very happy. not at all. I was COMPLETELY sure i was going to stay because i had just gotten here and i had already had been transferred every two transfers, and had a new comp every transfer, and it felt like time for me to just stay put for a while. also. going back to something that President Baker said in the last zone conference, was "Elders, don't be surprised if you stay in your areas for 7 to 8 months at a time." shortly after that i was transferred. so the other thing is that there are soooo many other missionaries in that zone that have been there longer than me and they got to stay so i was really mad. I honestly felt like the ugly stepchild that nobody wants and that if president actually cared he wouldn't have moved me because i need the chance to have more time in an area so i can actually have more progress. it was probably the most frustrating day in my whole mission. Today i will talk to him and see what is up. maybe possibly i can have an interview with him and see if he can give me something more that will actually calm my mind. I would like to be more humble and just accepting but this transfer was like the straw on the camels back. Now i kinda just really want to know the why behind my being moved like every stinkin' transfer.

So that was probably the biggest thing that happened this week and i am still reeling in shock as to transfers. Still super Frustrated. I don't even think there is a jcpennies in our area so now i will have to see if i can find a different suit or if someone will give us a ride up there.

We are in a bike area which is kinda nice. i finally get to use my fixie again. the only bummer is that it makes planning and proselyting way harder. As far as i have seen the ward is super good. but that is
based on one Sunday and maybe a handful of members but i have a lot of hope so maybe it is real. my area is directly south of my last area which ended at rosecrans and so now i have everything on the other side of that. My companion is elder Cressman. he is from utah. haha.

I don't have any photos yet but i will take some and send them next week.

I always love hearing from you guys cause it helps me get my mind off of a bunch of the things down here. It is always appreciated to get mail and things from you all and i really appreciate the prayers for me. i swear they work. :) It has been pretty cool getting letters from random people haha. keep em coming. :)

Oh yeah! i almost forgot, the fourth we went home early at like 7:00 because were lame like that haha. Prez Baker kinda told us nobody could be out later than that. it is kinda funny because it like doesn't even start to get dark around here till 8. but whatevs. We have our apartment on the second story and we have a pretty chill view so it wasn't too bad. it just would have been better had we been able to spend that time with some members. but i guess the mission isnt a time for that. :/

So yeah. i guess i will really really have to try and focus on the positive for the next week because right now i dont feel like all is going well and a lot of it is based on how we look at the situation. I
must not have a good point of view.

Well I love all of you and i hope you had a great 4th!


Elder Channing E. Winterrose

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey family!

Well, the fourth is coming up which means we might get transferred. I really hope i get to stay here with my companion because i would like some consistency. Since Filiaga left i have had a new companion EVERY Transfer which makes the work really difficult. I also really like this area and there is a lot of improvement that can happen. But the work will nevertheless go forward.

This week was kinda crazy.  We were trying really hard to work with our progressing investigators and we had a bunch of really good lessons. Sad thing is though that the turn-out on Sunday wasn't very impressive. I guess the best we can do is invite though. it always ultimately relies on the person and their faith to act.

This Sunday we had an opportunity to teach the relief society class and i gotta say it might have been the most stressful thing ever hahah. We chose the topic of friendship in the church. which led into fellow-shipping and ultimately how gossip is a poison that can destroy the relationships in the church. Soooo I think the only way to describe how we felt was like Daniel in the Lions Den... haha, it was a much needed lesson though and it was prepared really well. My biggest fear was if the women became offended and we go hungry for the rest of our missions! We got to a part where we were transitioning into the things that can take away from the good relationships and nobody had said Gossip yet when the relief society president notified us that we had TWO minutes left... Let's just say that the next 2 minutes were maybe a little bold and frank but we definitely got the point across and a lot of them seemed to really feel the spirit. :)  Operation Lion's Den was a success.

Well that was about the highlight of my week and If there is one thing i heard is that In the amount of time it takes to gossip with someone you could have added 2 new friends to your list.

It is so weird my year mark is already coming up. I remember this time just one year ago i was at the Oregon coast skim-boarding with the brothers haha. That is so cool the brothers are already out at summer camp. That ATV merit badge must be a new one haha. cause i totally would have taught it if it was there. 

Well, i hope you all come home with some good stories and a good tan. :) oh, and of course a bunch of merit badges.

I love you all and don't forget to write a missionary during this busy time of year.

Elder Channing Winterrose

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear family,
Well dang it sounds as though the winterrose boys are just not having good luck with cars lately. I bet Morgan will have thighs of steel by the end of the summer though. ;)

Well, not a lot has happened since last Wednesday, we gotta see some cool stuff though and i finally got to see a sunset from by the beach. it wasn't as cool though because it went over the mountains in Malibu rather than over the ocean like i was expecting. still it was a super bomb picture.  Well, this week i got to go to the Tongan ward and we sat in front of the Na'a family and it was cool to hear about how their son is doing in Alaska. oh yeah, we had Elder Johnson of the 70 come down and speak to us all on Friday and that was pretty cool. he gave us a lot of tips on missionary work. This Sunday we didn't have any investigators show up so it kinda was a big bummer cause we worked hard this week to get them all to come. But what can we do haha.

Well, that was about it for this week haha. not a very long one but next one will have more going on. Thank you all for the letters and the prayers you send. keep em coming. ;) Hope you all have a good week.


Elder Channing E. Winterrose.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey there family and friends!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wow it has been a long while since the last email haha, just looking through my planner a lot of cool stuff happened. To start with, on last Wednesday i reached my 11-month mark and it was super weird! in only a month i will go from counting up to counting down and i am super excited for that haha. :)  Thursday we had our interviews with president and then took our car up to the mission home. on the way back home we drove down rodeo drive and i gotta see a Bugatti on the road! it was super cool. just one more thing to add to my dreams. on Friday we went up to the visitor center and one of the movies we wanted to watch was in English so i got to practice my translating which was pretty nice.

this week i have also been learning how to play piano but i only get to practice now and then for a few minutes. i can read it pretty much perfectly now i just have to get better at putting the paper to the keys. :)  Saturday we had a cool opportunity to do a bunch of service and while we were working on an investigators lawn at the first project, the neighbors were having a yard sale and i scored a cycle trainer for like 30 bucks! that was nice. Then we went to another service project to move boxes into this truck for a member in manhattan beach area. it was a ton of boxes haha. we filled an entire u-haul then there were maybe like 30 left sitting around. when we came back to his house he gave us a tour of his house.......
it was freaking awesome. it has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a 6 car garage, a pool house, an art studio, a library and much much more. :) it was the house of the week on this magazine called Digs. it was super cool. the guy was super nice too. he gave us wrist bands that say play hard and it's an ambigram so you can read it upside down the same. they are pretty cool. its all on I wish i could build houses like that one day. :)  Just yesterday we were driving around and we drove by EA's Headquarters and it was pretty cool. It is like every cool company that everyone has heard of is based out of here.Well that was all the exciting stuff we saw.

This week the work has been going good and we are working hard. It is a lot of work to keep up the momentum while everybody is making the transition to summer. We have some good investigators and i hope to see some baptisms here soon.  Today we got to go to the temple and it was great. I think i learn a bunch every time i go. It is always nice to hear people pray for us as missionaries and for our work specifically.

That sounds like a crazy accident that happened at britt's work. Just make sure to always play it safe and you will be protected.

As far as the ACT and all that i haven't talked to pres yet, but i will have to do it soon. Just remember, i have never done this before so i might need a little help. If you want to call pres and give him more details that might help us out cause i have no idea what to really tell him haha.

oh and about the pants, I had a member look on for me and she said she couldn't find any but maybe i could get a new suit for cheap or something. Idk i need ideas. this suit is starting to look more and more crappy. :/ but if i get new pants i need them to have no cuff, that's what i meant, and a flat front. the ones i have are j ferrar.

Well, that is all for now. I gotta go email pres so i will see all you later!

Love Elder Winterrose

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey family!

Well this week has been a pretty crazy week. we have been super busy this week with a bunch of stuff going on. Elder mitchell had a baptism up at his old ward on friday and it was good. we also had a baptism yesterday for elder Casper and Gunnels. We had to be there too. On Saturday we had a super fun activity with the ward at the park across the street from the church for Father's Day. it was a good one. we had a bunch of sports and games and tons of food. We played soccer for almost all day so i got a pretty good tan. :)

That is crazy how the weather is up there. i thought that at least by now it would be a little bit nicer. It sounds like all of you are doing a good job of staying busy then. I actually miss all of the projects we usually had going on. The other day elder mitchell was like, "who's idea was it to put the fridge door on this side??" and i said, " i dunno but were about to change that haha" so we spent about an hour pulling all of the hinges and doors off and putting them on the other side. it was most definitely a successful project. :) I just hope that every once and a while i can find something like that that i can use my winterrose ingenuity for.

Besides that this week had been a kinda slow one with the work and our investigators were super busy and not available for the week. We got a lot of catching up to do. we also got a cool new grill because our apartment manager is awesome and bought one for us. he told us to write our name on it so people will actually take care of it. we used it twice already. it works great.

Lately i have been thinking, my year mark is coming up pretty soon and i might need a few more supplies haha. one being a new pair of the black pin striped suit pants because they are my favorite and i kinda tend to wear them everywhere and for everything. they are kinda on their final stretch.  that is if you can find them.

Well, that is about all that is new down here in Inglewood but i am loving all of the letters and i miss you all.

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS. If y'all feel like sending a package with candy and snacks and ties they are very graciously accepted. :)

pss. my pant size is 32 or 33 by 30 and Flat front is the best with no hem on the bottom :) thanks mom.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey there family!

whoa! Landon got married! congrats cuz!

Well this week has been just a little crazy. we had splits twice, i finally got to go with elder casper and it was great. Only one downside. I got in a car wreck on Friday right as we were leaving the apartment to go switch so it kinda stinks. i am pretty sure im not at fault and nobody got hurt just a little bumper damage but it has been kinda stressful getting everything done. I didn't let it put a dent in my day though haha. well, what else. .. we rescued elder casper and elder gunnels from a crazy hobo. we had a power outage on Saturday and gotta play with flashlights all night. Our appointment for Friday to go to the visitors center fell through for the second time so 2 weeks in a row. that was a bummer. Then I also met the a new family and talked to an investigator's mom yesterday - it was cool.

Well, sorry if this one is kinda short but i had to fill out a huge accident report form. :,(

Lately we have been teaching these two families and both accepted dates. now we just gotta get it all done by the 24th and it will be peachy! ( knock on wood)

so Tuesday was pretty cool, in the morning i invited that family to be baptized so that was 4 new dates and that night i invited one more kid we are teaching to get baptized and it was pretty cool. he might be ready by the 1st of July. :)

Oh yeah! i also got a new belt and it is working great. thanks mommy! :)
I made a super cool planner cover and i will have to send pics next time.

My comp is super nice and he's fun to work with. idk if i said it last time but he is from St George.

Well, i Love you all and i am trying hard to keep writing back everybody and so far i am actually keeping up with it so don't be afraid to send me a letter or a post card. :)

Les Quiero,

Elder Winterrose

Monday, May 28, 2012

hey there family!

I have to say when i read dad's email i smiled when he said he hadn't been doing much to develop himself spiritually and then said just family scripture study, prayer and went on to talk about how church went. The reality of this is that the three most important things that we can do to further our growth in the gospel is pray, read the scriptures and go to church. It really is the little things that count. :) One big part of being truly converted is if you have consistency in the little things. It may seem like it doesn't make us build our faith much but the thing is when bad things happen that would otherwise weaken your faith, they don't. Those three things are the most important for members because it is the strong foundation that we have to build upon. without those then we have a very weak and unstable foundation.

Well this week has been a pretty good one. lately we have been seeing the fruits of our labor and have 4 people set for baptism on June 24th. 2 families and hopefully the two husbands will start meeting with us too so it should be an exciting month getting them ready. i have already met the husbands and they are super nice. :) it is just a matter of getting a while to sit down with them. The work is going great in Inglewood.

Well, the news, Elder Blackham went up to Silverlake area which is like everything north of my first area in Downtown and i got a new companion named Elder Zachary Mitchell who has been out one transfer less than me and is from St George utah. He is pretty cool and a nice guy.

Monday was super sweet.  For a zone activity we went to a park to play a game called Battleship and to join a barbecue that the Tongan ward was putting on. The game is  played by having 2 teams on either side of a net with tarps on it so you cant see and having them all lay down except for 2 people who are throwing.  you throw water balloons across to the other side to try and sink the other people. it was tons of fun. the best part would have to be the food though. I was initially thinking maybe like a few Tongans would be there cooking for us but then i was pleasantly surprised when we showed up hahaha. They had a giant pit and they were cooking like 2 pigs on it and there were like burgers, chicken, steak and everything else you could imagine. When they cut the pig they just hacked it apart and it was gone in like less than 5 minutes hahaha. :) It was super good food.
that was pretty much the highlight of our week. today was elder Gunnels and Elder Gonzales' birthday today so we went to the yogolicious and had a birthday lunch. today i am going on splits so it should be exciting. :)

I got that letter from a girl on Friday, britton, so you can let her know i'm writing one back it just takes a while. ;)

Man it is funny y'all say it feels like you're still waiting for summer to come because i feel like i have been waiting for about a year for winter to come hahaha. :) the weirdest thing is that it is like the same temperature but people are all like " Yay! Its summer and now we can dress like summer now!" (even though it is like seriously the exact same weather) it must be a Cali thing. I met some guy that served in Jamaica with brad baird today too. it was cool. small world right?

well that is all for today, I love you all and i am actually getting better at writing letters back so feel free to test my awesome literary capacities.

Love, Alfalfa.

(Elder Winterrose) :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola todos!

this week has been a pretty good one. it is always crazy busy getting ready for transfers and this transfer is no different. this last week we have had some mini miracles. we have a zone goal that is really pushing us to work more with the members.  this has been tough lately but it is really helping to make the work move forward even faster. we have kinda been the anchor out of the 3 companionships in our district this week because the zone leaders have been super busy. our prayers definitely payed off though. one day we were sitting there literally trying to find out how we could get one more member referral for our goal and the phone starts ringing. it was a brother from another ward who had been working with a friend of his and he wanted her to meet with us. we were like HECK YEAH! and the next day we baptized her...              just kidding. :) that would be sweet. we did have an awesome lesson with her and she came to church and brought a friend! our bishopric was on them like flies on the LA river. they were taken to class and everybody did an awesome job. Way to go Inglewood segundo! :)  anyways now we have like 4 new investigators from that.  the other mini miracle was on Thursday night we realized that we needed a bunch of member presents for the goal. we took a second look at our plans and realized we already had 4 member presents planned! it was sweet.
it is super cool how god takes care of his children.
so yesterday was really nice. after church we went to the wards piano recital and it was really good. the kids play like Mozart. :) afterward we went to the missionary fireside and it was really cool. we are going to be losing a bunch of super great missionaries. i got to see a few other people i haven't seen in a while and it was nice.
On our way there it was a super cool solar eclipse thing and it was pretty sweet.

Well, i'm glad all is going forward back at home. it is crazy how fast things change in the lives of the Winterroses. It is sad to hear daino was having a hard time with baseball. i hope he sticks with it and doesn't let it get him down. He is a great little player and i know he is probably the only one tough enough to play that position. Dang. i remember having that van like 2 weeks or something before we left. it will be super weird getting home and having that one. haha.

well, This week has been great. the members of the ward have been a big blessing lately and i hope they keep up the momentum. :)

I love you all and am glad to be serving on the lords time.
Every member a missionary. always look for opportunities of service.

Les Quiero,

Elder Channing Winterrose