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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear family,

Well, this has been kind of a crazy hectic week. On the 4th of July it was transfers.  I got my call Tuesday night that i was going to be transferred to the centinela area in the hermosa liahona ward... To be completely honest i was not very happy. not at all. I was COMPLETELY sure i was going to stay because i had just gotten here and i had already had been transferred every two transfers, and had a new comp every transfer, and it felt like time for me to just stay put for a while. also. going back to something that President Baker said in the last zone conference, was "Elders, don't be surprised if you stay in your areas for 7 to 8 months at a time." shortly after that i was transferred. so the other thing is that there are soooo many other missionaries in that zone that have been there longer than me and they got to stay so i was really mad. I honestly felt like the ugly stepchild that nobody wants and that if president actually cared he wouldn't have moved me because i need the chance to have more time in an area so i can actually have more progress. it was probably the most frustrating day in my whole mission. Today i will talk to him and see what is up. maybe possibly i can have an interview with him and see if he can give me something more that will actually calm my mind. I would like to be more humble and just accepting but this transfer was like the straw on the camels back. Now i kinda just really want to know the why behind my being moved like every stinkin' transfer.

So that was probably the biggest thing that happened this week and i am still reeling in shock as to transfers. Still super Frustrated. I don't even think there is a jcpennies in our area so now i will have to see if i can find a different suit or if someone will give us a ride up there.

We are in a bike area which is kinda nice. i finally get to use my fixie again. the only bummer is that it makes planning and proselyting way harder. As far as i have seen the ward is super good. but that is
based on one Sunday and maybe a handful of members but i have a lot of hope so maybe it is real. my area is directly south of my last area which ended at rosecrans and so now i have everything on the other side of that. My companion is elder Cressman. he is from utah. haha.

I don't have any photos yet but i will take some and send them next week.

I always love hearing from you guys cause it helps me get my mind off of a bunch of the things down here. It is always appreciated to get mail and things from you all and i really appreciate the prayers for me. i swear they work. :) It has been pretty cool getting letters from random people haha. keep em coming. :)

Oh yeah! i almost forgot, the fourth we went home early at like 7:00 because were lame like that haha. Prez Baker kinda told us nobody could be out later than that. it is kinda funny because it like doesn't even start to get dark around here till 8. but whatevs. We have our apartment on the second story and we have a pretty chill view so it wasn't too bad. it just would have been better had we been able to spend that time with some members. but i guess the mission isnt a time for that. :/

So yeah. i guess i will really really have to try and focus on the positive for the next week because right now i dont feel like all is going well and a lot of it is based on how we look at the situation. I
must not have a good point of view.

Well I love all of you and i hope you had a great 4th!


Elder Channing E. Winterrose

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