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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey family!

Well, the fourth is coming up which means we might get transferred. I really hope i get to stay here with my companion because i would like some consistency. Since Filiaga left i have had a new companion EVERY Transfer which makes the work really difficult. I also really like this area and there is a lot of improvement that can happen. But the work will nevertheless go forward.

This week was kinda crazy.  We were trying really hard to work with our progressing investigators and we had a bunch of really good lessons. Sad thing is though that the turn-out on Sunday wasn't very impressive. I guess the best we can do is invite though. it always ultimately relies on the person and their faith to act.

This Sunday we had an opportunity to teach the relief society class and i gotta say it might have been the most stressful thing ever hahah. We chose the topic of friendship in the church. which led into fellow-shipping and ultimately how gossip is a poison that can destroy the relationships in the church. Soooo I think the only way to describe how we felt was like Daniel in the Lions Den... haha, it was a much needed lesson though and it was prepared really well. My biggest fear was if the women became offended and we go hungry for the rest of our missions! We got to a part where we were transitioning into the things that can take away from the good relationships and nobody had said Gossip yet when the relief society president notified us that we had TWO minutes left... Let's just say that the next 2 minutes were maybe a little bold and frank but we definitely got the point across and a lot of them seemed to really feel the spirit. :)  Operation Lion's Den was a success.

Well that was about the highlight of my week and If there is one thing i heard is that In the amount of time it takes to gossip with someone you could have added 2 new friends to your list.

It is so weird my year mark is already coming up. I remember this time just one year ago i was at the Oregon coast skim-boarding with the brothers haha. That is so cool the brothers are already out at summer camp. That ATV merit badge must be a new one haha. cause i totally would have taught it if it was there. 

Well, i hope you all come home with some good stories and a good tan. :) oh, and of course a bunch of merit badges.

I love you all and don't forget to write a missionary during this busy time of year.

Elder Channing Winterrose

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