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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear family,
Well dang it sounds as though the winterrose boys are just not having good luck with cars lately. I bet Morgan will have thighs of steel by the end of the summer though. ;)

Well, not a lot has happened since last Wednesday, we gotta see some cool stuff though and i finally got to see a sunset from by the beach. it wasn't as cool though because it went over the mountains in Malibu rather than over the ocean like i was expecting. still it was a super bomb picture.  Well, this week i got to go to the Tongan ward and we sat in front of the Na'a family and it was cool to hear about how their son is doing in Alaska. oh yeah, we had Elder Johnson of the 70 come down and speak to us all on Friday and that was pretty cool. he gave us a lot of tips on missionary work. This Sunday we didn't have any investigators show up so it kinda was a big bummer cause we worked hard this week to get them all to come. But what can we do haha.

Well, that was about it for this week haha. not a very long one but next one will have more going on. Thank you all for the letters and the prayers you send. keep em coming. ;) Hope you all have a good week.


Elder Channing E. Winterrose.

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