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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey there family and friends!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wow it has been a long while since the last email haha, just looking through my planner a lot of cool stuff happened. To start with, on last Wednesday i reached my 11-month mark and it was super weird! in only a month i will go from counting up to counting down and i am super excited for that haha. :)  Thursday we had our interviews with president and then took our car up to the mission home. on the way back home we drove down rodeo drive and i gotta see a Bugatti on the road! it was super cool. just one more thing to add to my dreams. on Friday we went up to the visitor center and one of the movies we wanted to watch was in English so i got to practice my translating which was pretty nice.

this week i have also been learning how to play piano but i only get to practice now and then for a few minutes. i can read it pretty much perfectly now i just have to get better at putting the paper to the keys. :)  Saturday we had a cool opportunity to do a bunch of service and while we were working on an investigators lawn at the first project, the neighbors were having a yard sale and i scored a cycle trainer for like 30 bucks! that was nice. Then we went to another service project to move boxes into this truck for a member in manhattan beach area. it was a ton of boxes haha. we filled an entire u-haul then there were maybe like 30 left sitting around. when we came back to his house he gave us a tour of his house.......
it was freaking awesome. it has 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a 6 car garage, a pool house, an art studio, a library and much much more. :) it was the house of the week on this magazine called Digs. it was super cool. the guy was super nice too. he gave us wrist bands that say play hard and it's an ambigram so you can read it upside down the same. they are pretty cool. its all on I wish i could build houses like that one day. :)  Just yesterday we were driving around and we drove by EA's Headquarters and it was pretty cool. It is like every cool company that everyone has heard of is based out of here.Well that was all the exciting stuff we saw.

This week the work has been going good and we are working hard. It is a lot of work to keep up the momentum while everybody is making the transition to summer. We have some good investigators and i hope to see some baptisms here soon.  Today we got to go to the temple and it was great. I think i learn a bunch every time i go. It is always nice to hear people pray for us as missionaries and for our work specifically.

That sounds like a crazy accident that happened at britt's work. Just make sure to always play it safe and you will be protected.

As far as the ACT and all that i haven't talked to pres yet, but i will have to do it soon. Just remember, i have never done this before so i might need a little help. If you want to call pres and give him more details that might help us out cause i have no idea what to really tell him haha.

oh and about the pants, I had a member look on for me and she said she couldn't find any but maybe i could get a new suit for cheap or something. Idk i need ideas. this suit is starting to look more and more crappy. :/ but if i get new pants i need them to have no cuff, that's what i meant, and a flat front. the ones i have are j ferrar.

Well, that is all for now. I gotta go email pres so i will see all you later!

Love Elder Winterrose

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