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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey family!

Well this week has been a pretty crazy week. we have been super busy this week with a bunch of stuff going on. Elder mitchell had a baptism up at his old ward on friday and it was good. we also had a baptism yesterday for elder Casper and Gunnels. We had to be there too. On Saturday we had a super fun activity with the ward at the park across the street from the church for Father's Day. it was a good one. we had a bunch of sports and games and tons of food. We played soccer for almost all day so i got a pretty good tan. :)

That is crazy how the weather is up there. i thought that at least by now it would be a little bit nicer. It sounds like all of you are doing a good job of staying busy then. I actually miss all of the projects we usually had going on. The other day elder mitchell was like, "who's idea was it to put the fridge door on this side??" and i said, " i dunno but were about to change that haha" so we spent about an hour pulling all of the hinges and doors off and putting them on the other side. it was most definitely a successful project. :) I just hope that every once and a while i can find something like that that i can use my winterrose ingenuity for.

Besides that this week had been a kinda slow one with the work and our investigators were super busy and not available for the week. We got a lot of catching up to do. we also got a cool new grill because our apartment manager is awesome and bought one for us. he told us to write our name on it so people will actually take care of it. we used it twice already. it works great.

Lately i have been thinking, my year mark is coming up pretty soon and i might need a few more supplies haha. one being a new pair of the black pin striped suit pants because they are my favorite and i kinda tend to wear them everywhere and for everything. they are kinda on their final stretch.  that is if you can find them.

Well, that is about all that is new down here in Inglewood but i am loving all of the letters and i miss you all.

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS. If y'all feel like sending a package with candy and snacks and ties they are very graciously accepted. :)

pss. my pant size is 32 or 33 by 30 and Flat front is the best with no hem on the bottom :) thanks mom.

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