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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey there family!

whoa! Landon got married! congrats cuz!

Well this week has been just a little crazy. we had splits twice, i finally got to go with elder casper and it was great. Only one downside. I got in a car wreck on Friday right as we were leaving the apartment to go switch so it kinda stinks. i am pretty sure im not at fault and nobody got hurt just a little bumper damage but it has been kinda stressful getting everything done. I didn't let it put a dent in my day though haha. well, what else. .. we rescued elder casper and elder gunnels from a crazy hobo. we had a power outage on Saturday and gotta play with flashlights all night. Our appointment for Friday to go to the visitors center fell through for the second time so 2 weeks in a row. that was a bummer. Then I also met the a new family and talked to an investigator's mom yesterday - it was cool.

Well, sorry if this one is kinda short but i had to fill out a huge accident report form. :,(

Lately we have been teaching these two families and both accepted dates. now we just gotta get it all done by the 24th and it will be peachy! ( knock on wood)

so Tuesday was pretty cool, in the morning i invited that family to be baptized so that was 4 new dates and that night i invited one more kid we are teaching to get baptized and it was pretty cool. he might be ready by the 1st of July. :)

Oh yeah! i also got a new belt and it is working great. thanks mommy! :)
I made a super cool planner cover and i will have to send pics next time.

My comp is super nice and he's fun to work with. idk if i said it last time but he is from St George.

Well, i Love you all and i am trying hard to keep writing back everybody and so far i am actually keeping up with it so don't be afraid to send me a letter or a post card. :)

Les Quiero,

Elder Winterrose

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