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Monday, May 28, 2012

hey there family!

I have to say when i read dad's email i smiled when he said he hadn't been doing much to develop himself spiritually and then said just family scripture study, prayer and went on to talk about how church went. The reality of this is that the three most important things that we can do to further our growth in the gospel is pray, read the scriptures and go to church. It really is the little things that count. :) One big part of being truly converted is if you have consistency in the little things. It may seem like it doesn't make us build our faith much but the thing is when bad things happen that would otherwise weaken your faith, they don't. Those three things are the most important for members because it is the strong foundation that we have to build upon. without those then we have a very weak and unstable foundation.

Well this week has been a pretty good one. lately we have been seeing the fruits of our labor and have 4 people set for baptism on June 24th. 2 families and hopefully the two husbands will start meeting with us too so it should be an exciting month getting them ready. i have already met the husbands and they are super nice. :) it is just a matter of getting a while to sit down with them. The work is going great in Inglewood.

Well, the news, Elder Blackham went up to Silverlake area which is like everything north of my first area in Downtown and i got a new companion named Elder Zachary Mitchell who has been out one transfer less than me and is from St George utah. He is pretty cool and a nice guy.

Monday was super sweet.  For a zone activity we went to a park to play a game called Battleship and to join a barbecue that the Tongan ward was putting on. The game is  played by having 2 teams on either side of a net with tarps on it so you cant see and having them all lay down except for 2 people who are throwing.  you throw water balloons across to the other side to try and sink the other people. it was tons of fun. the best part would have to be the food though. I was initially thinking maybe like a few Tongans would be there cooking for us but then i was pleasantly surprised when we showed up hahaha. They had a giant pit and they were cooking like 2 pigs on it and there were like burgers, chicken, steak and everything else you could imagine. When they cut the pig they just hacked it apart and it was gone in like less than 5 minutes hahaha. :) It was super good food.
that was pretty much the highlight of our week. today was elder Gunnels and Elder Gonzales' birthday today so we went to the yogolicious and had a birthday lunch. today i am going on splits so it should be exciting. :)

I got that letter from a girl on Friday, britton, so you can let her know i'm writing one back it just takes a while. ;)

Man it is funny y'all say it feels like you're still waiting for summer to come because i feel like i have been waiting for about a year for winter to come hahaha. :) the weirdest thing is that it is like the same temperature but people are all like " Yay! Its summer and now we can dress like summer now!" (even though it is like seriously the exact same weather) it must be a Cali thing. I met some guy that served in Jamaica with brad baird today too. it was cool. small world right?

well that is all for today, I love you all and i am actually getting better at writing letters back so feel free to test my awesome literary capacities.

Love, Alfalfa.

(Elder Winterrose) :)

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