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Monday, May 7, 2012

Me and my typewriter

A painting on my desk that has probably been there since the beginning of time
Hey there!

I am glad to get a letter from you! This week something cool happened. I was digging through the apartment and i found an Electric Typewriter! It needed a little TLC but i got it back up and working and now i can send you a few snail mail letters. it really helps because i don't do the best at hand writing. i think it is just cause i can usually find something else to do first then get caught up in crafts or something. haha. well, this week has been pretty good. during our lunch time one day i took the time to make some cool t-shirts for me and my comp! i found this iron on patch stuff and cut out letters and made us some matching shirts with our names. We found some new people to teach after like what seems to be a long dry spell. so that is really nice. we have a really big area and now that we are in car we have a hard time sometimes getting to appointments on time due to parking and travel time.

We don't have a lot of time this week because we had a lot of different places to run to but i am super excited to be talking to you all on mothers day.
We were teaching this investigator the other day and he was talking about how when you get older you start to put aside your dreams and by the time you have kids and a job and all that going on they are pretty much just obsolete until they all leave and by then it is too late. i thought about it and i believe that the best part of having kids is living out our dreams through them :) at least that's what i think is pretty cool. cause then if you happen to have 4 boys, just saying, then you have 4 different dreamers to live with and plenty of snowboarding, baseball, college, mission, and all other dreams that they can think of. it is kinda cool. i thought of it the other day and how much our parents sacrifice for us but how awesome it will be when i have kids of my own. to be able to help them magnify all of their talents to achieve their dreams. :)

anyways that was just a thought.
This week i went to the English ward and it was way different. it felt foreign hahaha. ;) I got the chance to bear my testimony in English. it was cool.

I am so excited for Baxter and you're gonna have to pass the word along. I just feel sorry for him because when he gets back nobody will know a word of Portuguese ;)

Well, i will talk to you all on Mothers day!


Elder Channing Winterrose.

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