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Monday, April 30, 2012

holy cow! my comp just showed me a picture of him doing high jump jumping 7 FOOT. it was pretty sweet.

well, This week was kind of a slow one. We have been super busy and it feels like we don't have the time to ever do all we need to do. so that kinda makes the work slow... or fast. i don't know really haha i have tried to stop keeping track of the days.

this week was kinda cool. on Tuesday we had Zone conference and it was kinda cool. they talked about what i had been doing all my mission. Working with members. It was kinda an "I told you so" moment. ;)

Wednesday and Friday we went on splits and i went with Elder Boyd the first time then the second one i went with Elder Ferrin, one of our zone leaders. it was cool both times.

when i went with elder ferrin we gotta teach a few families from the Tongan ward. it was kinda cool cause i have been there like 3 weeks straight and a lot of them know me now.

Thursday was kinda interesting we had weekly planning and then i gotta call from elder Ramos, the one i am letting ride my other bike. he said that the back tire and rim got jacked... I guess they cut through the chain on the back tire and got it. I told him that's fine as long as he gets it taken care of, so he went and did that real quick. that was super nice of him.  i'm glad it's with someone who is responsible.
Saturday was super cool.

We got a chance to help out with Mormon helping hands and it was a whole stake effort. We had a ton of work to do and we knocked it out with like 2 hours to spare haha. i got a picture to download of me and elder casper working hardly. :)
We spent most of our time shovelling dirt and grass from around the trees and  putting in wood chips so it was a lot of work to do.

This Sunday was great. we went on splits with the zone leaders again and i went to the Tongan ward. it was sweet. i really like that ward. then we switched back and i went to our ward. after church we went to dinner and then to a baptism. it had been a while since i had been to a baptism. it was nice. after that we went to a missionary fireside for the ward where there were 2 more members than missionaries haha. so 22 in total. but i asked a couple that had just gone through the temple recently to give a talk and they did great. Their testimonies of temple work were way stronger than anything that us as missionaries could have shared so it was sweet.

today was BEACH P-DAYYYYYYYY and it was fabulous. I will TRY to send some pictures. These computers  kinda stink but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  Anyways, it was pretty cool. we went to a beach in our area and played for a couple hours. like from 11 to 2. we played football, soccer, baseball, rugby, volleyball, then a game with towels and water balloons. it was tons of fun. afterwards we went and took a bunch of pictures. I got one of me leaping over elder casper's head.

well. It is glad to hear Morgan is working hard haha. don't worry it will make it easier when you get on your mish and realize that it is allll you do.

Send elder Christensen an hola for me. :)

Hey britton. give me an update on you!

Dad when you give it your full 100 you never have to worry about not making the cut. I'm so glad for all of you doing great work and can't wait to hear from you on MOTHER'S DAY.

Well, I love you all and keep up the big work!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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