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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey! funny thing, today elder blackham was just telling me a story about how his mom told him she had found a relative who was also buried in a cemetery in Inglewood too. so that is kinda crazy haha.

okay, questions first. I usually do wear long sleeves in sacrament but last week and this week i went to the Tongan ward and my ward so it was a loong church. it also tends to get hot in church so i don't really wear them. We haven't gone on splits a lot yet but luckily we only have 2 other companionships in our district so we wont have to go on a bunch. they kinda are annoying because they mess with the schedule... another thing is it has been hard to do a lot of work and our numbers aren't as good because we have like a meeting almost every day. I wish i could just be a regular missionary haha. Elder Blackham has been serving in this area since he came out to the field a transfer after I did. Right now we are in central zone and we have our beach p-day this next Monday. I am soooooo excited. we are even going to the beach in my area. our church is also in my area so that's nice.

well, this week we had some fun stories. haha first things first. i don't know if any of you know the significance of April 20th but down here in Inglewood it is like the biggest holiday. I can say i was not surprised when we knocked on a door and a this lady opened the door and a cloud of yellowish smoke rolled out of the top of the door and right into my companions face hahaha. I had no idea what to say so i asked them if maria lived there and then we ran away. :) So that was one of the funniest stories of our week.

So this Friday we went to pick up a MINI missionary! yayyyyy. so we left and were in rush hour traffic for like 2 hours straight and finally made it there. we got our mini missionary and the drive home was like 15 minutes haha. His name was L. and he was a super great little missionary. we started our Saturday by going to the pep boys and getting our car taken in while we walked over to the in and out on sepulveda right next to the airport. as we were walking i realized i didn't have a way to pay for the food so i said a little prayer that there might be money on one of my cards. when we got there a lady walked up to us and said hi my name is "so and so". .I'm from Nebraska and i am going to buy you elders lunch. :) sometimes you can find your prayers answered in the coolest ways! Well, then we went outside to sit and watch the show. You see the cool thing about this in and out is that it is right under the landing path of the airplanes and you get to see all of them fly right over you as you eat your burger. :) We got to stand under an A380 as it came in to land. it was soooo cool. :) then we went out to tract some doors and then found a member to visit.

The rest of the day went great. The next day i went to the Tongan ward for all 3 hours and we were asked to give the lesson in sunday school. I love that ward haha. They always crack me up. :) That night we returned our mini missionary with a smile on his face, stories to tell and a testimony in his heart. I also got the opportunity to see a couple of my favorite families from LA 3rd ward and that was really nice.

Today we went running with the zone leaders and i thought i was going to die haha. it has been too long.

Morgan, for Prom go with a speedo, a batman cape and bunny ears as well as the WWF belt.

well, that is about all we did this week but it was a super fun week. I love and miss you all and pray for you.

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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