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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey Happy Easter family!

Thank you for the Easter surprise! it was really nice!

this week was really nice and made me really appreciate the members. Sister Hidalgo is super nice and always takes care of us. She makes really good white people food hahaha. :) she is always asking what we would like and tonight i am going to repay the favor by cooking them some big old American steaks. :) so speaking of potatoes, (because they always go with steak.) I started growing some in our front yard! i was growing a potato in a cup for all last transfer and just lately i planted it and it is already sprouting up some vines. it is pretty sweet. This week i went out and bought myself a new soccer ball and it is really nice. i had a bunch of food lately so i am going to try to live off of what i got for a little while  and that left me with a bit of extra cash. Along with that i bought a new bike lock too and now i don't have to worry about anyone jacking my bike haha.

so this week has been very nice. We went last night to the visitors center with some members and our investigators and it was a really cool experience. it is definitely a blessing to have in the mission. we watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration video and it really helped them to understand more about exactly who he is. afterwards we went to a little concert they were having from a YSA Ward from the USC area and they sang beautifully. all in all i think it has gotten them more excited about the things we teach them.  I will have to send some pictures soon because i have a ton :)

Well, i would have to say it wouldn't be a real Winterrose vacation if nobody got hurt. we are just too extreme for our own bodies. Hey Morgan, i heard that if you kiss a lizard it will make your tongue grow back. ;) and Daino, if you just drink some pickle juice it will  make you land softer next time. Sorry Britton but i don't have any tips for finding a wife.... yet... :D maybe try squeezing a lemon on your feet. anyways if any of those really do work let me know so i can invest in lemons.

as usual i will let you all know if i get transferred but i really like it here so i hope i will stay. I wanna get these people baptized haha.

well it is cool to know that you are all enjoying your spring and back in the routine again.  I love you all and miss you a ton and don't forget to send pictures!

Con Carino,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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