Serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Monday, April 2, 2012

well, in the last week and a half I committed myself to start reading Jesus the Christ. I was motivated by something i thought; if I am doing my job with His name on my chest, then i would like to have a better knowledge and understanding of the man I'm preaching about. i started off on page 55 where i left off in the mtc and I'm now on page 178. I think i found my love for reading again haha. :) when i started, i was trying to look up all the scriptures and eventually gave up and just read when i realized i got more out of it by just reading. The notes are a gold mine for background info and make it much easier to understand the circumstances and the environment during the time of our Lord. so that has been really cool. Today i was reading about how he visited the Samaritans early on in his mission and how they were described as the most hated people by the Jews. When i read this i thought of the saying we heard in conference, Love thine enemies, and how He was such a perfect example of practicing what he taught by ministering to the Samaritans. I learned so much from this book so far and i am super happy with he help and examples it has given me to apply to myself.

The conference was super sweet and i think my most memorable moment was when someone ( i cant remember who without my notes so i apologize) said that you wouldn't ask somebody if they needed saving if they were drowning but you would dive in and save them before the water got deeper. This is something awesome that we can apply to our lives. All around us we find people in need of "saving" but they may be too prideful or afraid to ask for help. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we are all missionaries.  one of the greatest testimonies people had of the savior was due to the service he gave to others through his Godly Power. I thought of the Priesthood that us as Men in the church have and how we are always told that it is to share. During my mission i have seen many miracles and blessings come by the power of the priesthood. I think the reason why i saw so many was because we were constantly offering our service. Now, this isn't something that only the men can do, but all can consecrate their time or talents in the form of service. I know that the Relief Society is founded on giving Relief or "service". So i just want you all to know that indeed there are people drowning and the way we can save them is to always keep an open eye for opportunities to serve and always have an open invitation to the gospel in your heart for them.

okay, so I'm gonna hop off my soap box for a minute. this week has been really nice.  we had Conference and that took up the larger part of it and because it was a short week, we have only taught a few lessons here and there in between weekly planning and meetings. I did get a great opportunity to see one of my favorite families from downtown and it made me super happy. :)

I am so glad to hear Britton found a girl who makes him smile (an Alaska-sized smile). :) Just remember Britt. Virtue will always overcome Vice so as long as you put your prayers into motion God will make the path clear for you.

I miss the snow if i haven't yet made it apparent hahaha. :) but while I'm on my mission i will just have to accept that we will ride our bikes in beautiful weather.
You all have fun and don't do anything crazier than i would do. :)

Con CariƱo,
Elder Winterrose

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