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Monday, April 16, 2012

Inglewood Second Ward

well this week has been crazy. i can say i honestly didn't expect it (the transfer) coming. i do like change though. I felt like it is like i was climbing the ladder to get something off the top shelf and just realized i put the ladder in the wrong place. haha. now we moved it and I'm starting all over again. I am really liking it here so far though.

I am serving in the Inglewood 2nd ward in Spanish. My companion is Elder Zachary Blackham from Orem Utah. he is 6' 7" and a jolly green giant. :) i have been out one more transfer than him and we get along great. this is his first transfer being a district leader and it is pretty fun. our area is big. we are in a car. it covers from like somewhere in Inglewood, to the ocean. we have the north side of El Segundo, the LAX airport, Manchester, and Loyola Marymount University! it is kinda cool. i hear someone related to me lives in my area... :D it was a crazy week. we spent Wednesday up at the mission home while my comp went through training then Thursday we had weekly planning and did a ton of area book/planner organizing and met a few families. Friday we had ddm and i gave a training on how to work with the ward council. Saturday was sweet. we went and checked a referral down by the airport off of imperial highway and couldn't find the address so we decided to just keep driving. we saw the ocean! It was sooo cool. Seeing the ocean made me actually feel like i was in a tropical paradise for a moment and not just stuck in some gigantic city. :) I met a few of the families that Elder Filiaga was close with in our ward and they are all so nice. he got a lot of good relationships because he was in the area next to mine for 14 months of his mission.

So Sunday was different. we went on church splits with the zone leaders because they are in charge of the English ward in our building and the Tongan ward in another building. it was before our ward started so it didn't mess with the schedule. of course you can probably guess where i chose to go. The Tongan ward!!  it was fun haha. we sang in Tongan and i didn't understand a single thing. :) then we went to our ward. our ward is kinda different. i say that because it starts with the elders quorum at 1:00 and goes backwards ending with sacrament at 3:00. so that was hard to get used to. after church we had a little social thing kinda like a linger longer. So that was all fun and exciting. i forget the names of a lot of the people we have met so far but they will stick next week.
It is all different but super exciting. :) today we just did laundry then i gave my comp and another elder hair cuts and now were emailing.

the other day someone told a kinda cool story in elders quorum. There were these two brothers, one rich and one poor, both members of the church.  the poor one one day asked his brother if he was also doing the genealogy for their ancestors. he said he couldn't because he was too busy with his business and his job. so they went on with their lives. the poor man continuing on with his genealogy and the other with his business. one day the rich man asked his brother to interpret a dream he had. he said that he dreamt that they both passed away and were entering into heaven with all of their ancestors and they were greeting his brother cheerfully and hugging him when he arrived. He said also that not a single one even acknowledged that he had arrived.
I heard this story and thought that it was a really cool way to visualize what it will be like if we do and  don't do what has been asked of us about work for our ancestors who have died.

I am glad to hear everybody is keeping busy and happy.

Well that is the story for today. I hope you can all find something helpful in it.
I love you all and enjoy the letters i get! :)

Please take care,
Elder Channing Winterrose

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