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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hey there family and friends!

Wow Britt, haha. all of the stories i hear from mom about you and Sam make me laugh because if i remember correctly it is like the exact same stories of you guys before you left. :) Sam would be sleeping on the floor at our house hahaha. oh, and kudos for the beautiful catch. I don't remember seeing any pictures of this one before but she is very beautiful. Just remember the extending commitment pattern you learned so well hahaha. Anyways. I'm so super happy for you big bro. i looked up la marida on the map book and it is like 15 minutes away from my area but unfortunately it is like 5 minutes out of the mission. well anyways that is super exciting. way to go boy!

alrighty well, this week has been kinda longer and we have had a pretty good week with two baptismal dates. one is working on sundays though so we invited her to fast and pray for the courage to ask for sundays off and i hope it works out. the other one is going to a surgery so it will be a little while before he gets to church but we are doing pretty good so far. We have been teaching a TON lately too which is good but it also means more road blocks/doubts we are having to help people overcome. it has really taken the second mile of my skills and stamina. The best thing about it though is that it is totally worth it. I truly love the people we are teaching so it isn't a lot i am asked to do. A few days ago we got a bit of rain so it was nice..... well after it stopped haha.

Today we went to the temple and it was early. like 7:30 session. but that means we woke up at like 5:00 to get ready. Me, Elder Casper and 2 other missionaries had a cool opportunity to do temple sealings and it was pretty cool. afterwords we went and ate at subway and then we played football till just now. today has been a pretty sweet day. oh, except like 30 minutes ago i was running and kinda ran into a fence hahaha. but nothing stops a missionary from his football. :)  this upcoming week we are trying to go to the stake building in downtown so i can see all the people from my old area and that should be cool. Then sunday we still haven't decided where to go haha. but we will find out eventually.

well, that is all from here. it is warming up here about high 70's again and i am starting to get a nice golden brown haha. it will only get warmer.

I hope you all have a swell week and I love you all!

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS. thanks for the letter britton! it was Great.

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