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Monday, March 19, 2012

Heyy Familia como estan??

 Pues yo creo que si usteded no pueden leer esto, entonces esta bien. uds. van a tener sam a ayudarles. haha.

Well this week has been pretty good. i have definitely witnessed the blessings of being more obedient and It is making my mission a lot easier. as expected this week i have been feeling just a little more trunkie than the usual. I think it may have something to do with the fact that britton got home. It is all good though because that just will give me the extra motivation to keep working even harder to keep my mind on the work.

Our hard work has definately been paying off. the week before last we had 17 new investigators and like 6 new progressing ones. it is nice to finally see the fruits of my labor coming forth. we have been doing really great finding lately and it is nice to have full days now with like 3 to 6 appts a day. I am definately very dependent on my planner and i think that without it i would be sooo lost haha. I know the area like nobodys business tho so it is nice to be able to just say, "oh, appointment fell through, Backup fell through, I know the next 3 people we can try right around here."  it helps a lot to have knowlege haha. it is kinda like what it is like with the plan of salvation. with the comfort of knowing where we are going next we can have a little more peace in our lives. :) well, this week we had a rather different finding opportunity. we worked hard on last thursday and when we got home and started our planning at like 9:00 we got a call from a recent convert down the street who said. hey, i got someone for you to teach RIGHT NOW. ... so we were like okay, how about tomorrow? and she said, we are on our way now. .. so , long story short she brought by a friend from work who had a ton of good questions and we talked a little outside our house and set up a return appointment. It was like one of those mini miracles when we do our part and god just puts them in our path. or even better he sends them to us! :) that was pretty cool. well that was my highlight of the week.

so I think i am going to open a bike shop when i get home because i feel like i am running one lately haha. I have been getting orders left and right to help fix bikes and it is really cool. i love serving people and learning new things! just the other day our neighboring elders called me up and needed to fix a spoke. so i took the bike and an old rim from our garage and we went to the bike shop.. when we walked in the owner lady, who is super nice, told me that their mechanic had a pulled back muscle and couldnt work today. soo i said, that's okay all i need is a sprocket remover and a chain whip. She got the biggest smile and said to the mechanic. " we can trust them, they're missionaries!" and I had seen them use it before so i did it myself and I got the whole thing fixed for free which would have been like 20 bucks. It was nice to use my talents!

So this week i wrecked my bike like twice, but just little ones. one, i came around a corner and some kids on their fixies were on the wrong side of the road and i had to slam on the brakes. i almost stopped, but like right before i stopped the bike kinda hopped me over the handle bars... and another time i got stuck in a dumb crack and did the same thing. The nice thing tho is my seat is the same height as the handle bars so i never have the problem of hitting them. i kinda just leap frog them. This bike has been a sweet deal for finding it for free. It is fast and simple. and best, I don't get laughed at by the high schoolers cause it's a fixie! :)

anyways, So the Big news this week! Britton Got home! i had a weird dream where i was home and he walked down into the living room and was like as skinny as me but taller and in REGULAR CLOTHES and i was like super excited but i was also like hey! lets go hang out! but then he was like " sorry dude, your on a mission!" and i realized i was in my whites and it kinda sucked haha.  but that's okay, when i get home i will do all the fun stuff with him again!

well, i am super happy for all of you and i miss you a lot! remember to keep your eyes open for the opportunities to share the gospel even if you don't think they will except! It is our job to share the gospel, not to decide who or who doesn't need it. so please, abre su boca.

Love Elder Winterrose

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