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Monday, March 12, 2012

hey family! 

i cant believe Britton is already on his way home! i wonder if it will be weird when he gets there and realizes how quiet it will be without me haha. well, this week has been pretty crazy. getting a new companion is always different because everybody has their own vibe and own way of doing things. Elder Panta is very effective.  its his first time as a senior companion, yet he recognizes im not his trainee, have been out over 6 months in the field, and how i know what i am doing. so far my hard work and diligence hasn't given him reason to complain. Right now I think we'll get to the point where we love being each others companions. :)

so, I really like all of the success we are getting and i think it is really driving me to continue working hard, which is nice. I have been doing way better in my studies because i have been better about having them planned out the night before and having a schedule set for them. like read 30 min and work on my lesson plans or study pmg for the next 30.

Well, I think this week i should open up a bike shop, because after going there at least every other day I know everything to fix and the tools for it. haha, i broke a spoke and got it fixed for like 5 bucks when the guy quoted me about $15. and now i got the spoke wrench for another time. then today another missionary broke his and i saved him like 7 bucks and his bike is back up and running. one thing i could use though, if Ryan has one lying around, is a CO2 pump.  i remember him offering me one a while back and it would be sweet if i could get one from him.

well, so far anything else has been the same stuff different week. Well, i love you all and thank you for the support.

Take care!

Elder Winterrose

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