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Monday, March 5, 2012

well, another week and i think winter is just about over here. yesterday hit like 80 and with the humidity it feels even hotter. it is back to sunny southern California again. one thing i am starting to realize is it really is the part of the mission farthest from the ocean and that means less of that cool ocean breeze and more unbearable heat. I hope i am outta here by July haha. 

so, we had transfers here the last week and Elder Shumway left for Compton so i will be praying for him haha. Meanwhile i stayed here in Bell Gardens and am loving it here. I got a new companion named Elder Carlos Panta.  He is originally from Guiaquil Ecuador so his Spanish is great and also he spent the last 9 years in Brazil so he is fluent in Portuguese. pretty cool, my second trilingual companion! He is a really hard worker and is helping me to be more organized because he is really good at that. So far we have found like 2 new people and we have a lot of work to do with a long list of potentials to visit. it is nice having a real game plan. i have been learning a lot more Spanish being with a native even for just half a week. i am excited to really improve. it is kinda nice too because he is still like learning English so he messes up some times and so at least he knows how it feels when i speak Spanish haha. :)

lately i have felt pretty good. i haven't gotten any letters for quite a while but it's like it doesn't really bother me anymore. more like a delightful surprise when it happens rather than a disappointment when it doesn't. :) sooo yeah. this week has been crazy being in charge of plans and kinda playing as host for him cause he is new to the area. it is really fun though. sometimes we will head out from the apartment and i will let him take the lead just to see where he goes. then when we have gone like 4 blocks in the wrong direction i will ask him where he we are going and he will say... i thought we were going to this place... and i will respond pointing in the right direction. haha. he is learning really quick though and i think it is helping him out. 

the other day i borrowed some goop off from our nice member neighbor and cleaned my fixie. it looks almost brand new. i took off all the stickers and cleaned it till my fingers were sore. I get a bunch of nice comments from the fixie gangs when we ride by. :) I will throw in a picture. 

Besides that not a lot of new. just the same old stuff different day. I did lose my bike lock though. i gave it back to the missionary i was borrowing it from so i think i may need to buy a new one... mom do you think you could get me one or send me money? 

well that is all for today, i am glad you guys are stoked for britt to come home. He deserves a HERO's Welcome. I love him to death. :) I love all of you and keep up the good work back at home as well. Even if it isn't 85 degrees and sunny. :)

Pues, gracias por todos los oraciones,
Les quiero.

Elder Winterrose

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