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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey, I found this cute puppy at a member's house.  It is the first actual purebred pug I have ever seen in LA and it's name is Chata which literally means smashed face - hahaha.
okay, well family and friends i had a crazy week where i think i learned the true meaning of work and sacrifice... we just had a baptism last week which was pretty darn cool but it left us with one downside; after looking at the "investigators" we had, we realized none of them were really progressing. so we are doing a LOT of finding activities, one of which is tracting. to be honest it wasn't a skill i had really honed until just recently. my last area we did a ton of work through the members and we were always receiving referrals from them. even too many at times to keep up with. so goes the saying you don't know what you got till it's gone. now, without the pouring out of referrals, it is tough working. we have had a little success with the streets around our appointments and near our casita but still no really good leads. :/ bummer time. our zone just got like crazy switched up too. both of our zone leaders got dropped and now they have a new one and a bunch of other crazy stuff. i think the missionaries around here might not have been being exactly obedient....  tough stuff. I'm just glad I'm not a part of it. It is hard enough to do the work, i don't see how people can be working effectively and not be getting the blessings of obedience. cause for me it is super busy stuff speaking of all that. i have been trying harder to stay focused in the mornings. it was never my forte... ahh, so it has been a super fun and busy week. the crazy people we run into definitely make up for the people who don't feel like salvation is cool. :) in fact the other day we ran into a bum after tracting and gave him a Libro de Mormon. he said he was excited to read it and we were outside our house. so i also ran in and grabbed a shirt i didn't want anymore and passed it down to him haha. :) that all made me feel good. well, i remembered my camera today so i hope you all like the pictures i got! Love Elder Channing Winterrose

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