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Monday, February 13, 2012


well at our apartment lately we have started the hobby of growing a weed....... haha. it has started the rainy season and we have a weed the same height as our mail box already! i think it's a dandelion. i must have a green thumb. the other day i noticed it and thought it was a small tree.

alrighty! first things first, i did get the package! thanks for the pump, it works great and the cookies are amazing. :) the wrapping ribbon/ construction tape stuff is a nice decoration for our door. it keeps the competition away haha. oh so this last week was kinda exciting! Tuesday we went on splits and i went to the other area with the district leader Elder Shannon and it was really fun. he is super nice and it is nice to talk about the Tri-Cities and reminisce with someone who knows what I'm talking about. by the way, no big deal or anything but Elder Shannon's dad does the exact same thing dad does at work. i told him what dad did and he told me all about how his dad does the exact same thing but for a private contractor and he does it for like Spain and other countries. it is way cool. he said he works like right by WSU tri cities. you might even know him! they are in Kennewick east stake.  anyways, so the next morning i wasn't feeling good and i got up and had to use the bathroom. because my stomach hurt a lot. after sitting on there for a while elder Shannon woke up and i told him i wasn't feeling so hot. then i took a shower to hopefully clear my head and help me out. after the shower i walked to the living room to ask if he had any meds i got that specific feeling you get right before you throw up. so the rest of the day we spent sick. oh, and when we called shumway he had the same thing so we had a fun little sick day. besides that the rest of the week has just been same old stuff. just been trying to get the energy back to get back to business.

Oh, i almost forgot, i think i have one of those meteorites grandpa gave me in my rock collection. it's black with little craters and the size of a quarter. i don't know if it is still floating around though...

well, i have a lot to do today and i wanna tell you all i love you all!

thanks for all of your support and prayers!

les quiero mucho,

Elder Winterrose

PS hey, my pal christian says hi.. .

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