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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola todos!

this week has been a pretty good one. it is always crazy busy getting ready for transfers and this transfer is no different. this last week we have had some mini miracles. we have a zone goal that is really pushing us to work more with the members.  this has been tough lately but it is really helping to make the work move forward even faster. we have kinda been the anchor out of the 3 companionships in our district this week because the zone leaders have been super busy. our prayers definitely payed off though. one day we were sitting there literally trying to find out how we could get one more member referral for our goal and the phone starts ringing. it was a brother from another ward who had been working with a friend of his and he wanted her to meet with us. we were like HECK YEAH! and the next day we baptized her...              just kidding. :) that would be sweet. we did have an awesome lesson with her and she came to church and brought a friend! our bishopric was on them like flies on the LA river. they were taken to class and everybody did an awesome job. Way to go Inglewood segundo! :)  anyways now we have like 4 new investigators from that.  the other mini miracle was on Thursday night we realized that we needed a bunch of member presents for the goal. we took a second look at our plans and realized we already had 4 member presents planned! it was sweet.
it is super cool how god takes care of his children.
so yesterday was really nice. after church we went to the wards piano recital and it was really good. the kids play like Mozart. :) afterward we went to the missionary fireside and it was really cool. we are going to be losing a bunch of super great missionaries. i got to see a few other people i haven't seen in a while and it was nice.
On our way there it was a super cool solar eclipse thing and it was pretty sweet.

Well, i'm glad all is going forward back at home. it is crazy how fast things change in the lives of the Winterroses. It is sad to hear daino was having a hard time with baseball. i hope he sticks with it and doesn't let it get him down. He is a great little player and i know he is probably the only one tough enough to play that position. Dang. i remember having that van like 2 weeks or something before we left. it will be super weird getting home and having that one. haha.

well, This week has been great. the members of the ward have been a big blessing lately and i hope they keep up the momentum. :)

I love you all and am glad to be serving on the lords time.
Every member a missionary. always look for opportunities of service.

Les Quiero,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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