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Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Cressman (top) Elder Winterrose (bottom)

Elder Winterrose and Elder Cressman
Well this week has been kinda better. First i wanna thank you for the money, i fixed my bike up and now im gonna go buy a suit so i can be all spectacular. This week we found a bunch of cool people from referrals from the members. one guy we found and his wife are pretty much the coolest cats around. :)  it was a way cool experience. Wednesday we had a cleaning check and we didn't fail haha. that's good news. what else.... I fixed elder Cressman's bike. that was about it.

Thursday was super cool. we went to a member's house to help her move and we only had about 30 minutes before a meeting we had to go to and all we were really doing was taping boxes. then one of them said how are we gonna move this trailer and i looked over and there was a big 25 foot camper trailer like hugging the fence on the other side of the yard. I took one look and said. "this has gotta be impossible."  anyways, about 3 hours later and after pushing and shoving this thing like no tomorrow with me calling out instructions, we eventually got it over onto the driveway ready to go. Yayyy! so that was way cool.

Friday was mine and a bunch of other's year marks so we went to cafe rio to celebrate and it was delish. that night we went over to a members house by ours and i noticed he had a bunch of stickers that said Shimano.... so i asked him what they were for and he told us he makes them for a living. so i asked him if he could make me a sticker for my bike that said white lightning and he was like heck yeah! he did it super quick and it looks siiick. now my bike is official. :) after mine we made one for elder cressman that said Silver Bullet and he cut it out of reflective tape so it looks cool.

Saturday we had an awesome impromptu lesson with one of our new investigators and she just "got it" I love when we have those moments. :) it is always sweet when people understand the things we teach without a ton of explanation. so that was cool.  That night our dinner appointment was at the church for a wedding. When i heard this i was thinking a reception right? no it was actually a wedding! I think it was like my first real wedding I've been to. crazy right?

Anyways then Sunday was a super-bomb experience. it was like all of the themes were on keeping the sabbath day holy and i think it was just what our investigators needed to stay the whole 3 hours. We also had a member introduce us to her sister who had just moved here from Mexico who told us she had been going to church for 2 years and was never baptized and that she even held a small calling haha. She asked us how soon she could get baptized and i was like floored. haha I really just wanted to say, " Well, it takes 47 minutes to fill the font!!" :)

so that was cool. the ward in this area is really amazing and i hope the momentum continues. i have really prayed about things and i feel it will all be okay. I just really don't wanna keep being bounced around if it is possible but whatever God needs i will do.

I love you all and keep up the missionary work. Don't break too many bones this summer. :)

Elder Winterrose

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