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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hola Familia!

This week was a little crazy and unexpected, I am sure you all wanna know how my birthday went but first I got some news!

I got Transferred! Even better my companion is Elder Shannon! And he is from none other than Kennewick WASHINGTON!!!!!!! He even used to work at the DQ down the street on Gage and he graduated in 2010 from Kamiakin! Small world eh??? haha we Both are given the awesome assignment of whitewashing an area that covers Hollywood. it goes from la cienega in the west to western in the east and the top of the mission in the north and Santa monica blvd in the south. it is a pretty sweet ward too. it is LA 4th ward and it holds a pretty good reputation of being the best one out there. So far it has been a blast figuring out the area with just an area book and a map and the members are soo great at missionary work. i really hope we can dominate this area so we can fulfill their expectations of the new missionaries. It was a little weird moving into the new area right before my birthday but after meeting a handful of people we already had a party set up!

Thank you all soooo much for the birthday wishes and I am so glad for the package. Pootie boy, the toys were super cool! The only thing is I either have an impediment and don't know how to use a kazoo or those things were kinda broken hahaha. they made for ton's of fun though. :) We got to have a little fiesta after church at this awesome member's house and it was super nice. I even got a cake! I am super excited for the changes that have happened and all the new work we will have to do.
The only cool stories this week would be that Elder Shannon and I are like super Engineers and made a pipe/HVAC looking thingy to pipe cold air to our bedroom. haha i think the pictures will show that better though. Also for our dinner list we made a "sunset" picture out of a few we took and cut and pasted together. it goes great cause the name of our area is Sunset.
Well, i love you all and gotta run!

I hope you all remember to look for opportunities to serve and share the gospel.


 Elder Channing Winterrose

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  1. It's so good to read how you are doing and it's high time I shared that with you!! I'm not sure I understand the term 'whitewasing' but it must be good since you are excited about it. Gloria Woodward - you sure have changed since middle school days!!