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Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, so last Monday we tried to go to the aquarium but it was closed. i think that is okay cause today we gotta see some dolphins in the ocean! We got to go and check out a cool light house in  Palos Verdes and there was a super cool Whale Museum there too. while we were outside we saw out in the distance a bunch of dolphins swimming and hopping around. it was super cool! on our way home we spotted this really nice little library in PV and that's where we're emailing.

I sent a bunch of pictures this time. In one of them I took one cooking next to a lady in our ward who is, believe it or not, almost average height. :) some times i feel like i'm on Gulliver's travels haha. The other ones are just a bunch of random ones from today and one of my new suit with my WML.

Anyways this week has been pretty good and REALLY crazy too. Just the other day we were in this crazy apartment complex that we usually do a bunch of work in when something wild happened. We were knocking at a door of a potential and we heard a bunch of yelling from the door right behind us across the hall (as usual.) but then the door flies open this lady we know shoves one of our investigators out the door. He was super drunk and arguing with her. Anyways, they went at it yelling and hollering and shoving each other when He then starts yelling at us. At this point i was on one side of him and Elder Cressman is on the other side of him just petrified. He starts eyeballing Cressman and I was just sitting there ready to take this crazy little drunk guy down to the ground if he tried anything stupid. Then he Charges at Cressman about 10 feet and stops. Whew! after about like 20 minutes of talking to him and him punching walls and posts and the ground and such we got him to walk home. So..... That was exciting enough to get my blood pumping.

I think that all happened on Saturday, but that morning we were sitting in studies and the house like jerked really quick and that was scary. probably just a hiccup earthquake.  One of our investigators was talking about how The Big One is coming and that we are all gonna be screwed and sink into the sea or something.....  I'll keep my fingers crossed. Sorry if this letter is super boring but i think a lot of the cool stuff or spiritual experiences are zapped from my brain lately because of how hot it is. Like really, it's flippin' 90s here batman. and we're on bikes ALLLLLLL Day with like 3 times the humidity.  I think that i have been in like a heat coma lately and it has just turned me into a zombie.

So before i forget, Did you get my request for the stamps? if you did then great! And for all of you waiting your letters, they are on my way, and btw my birthday is on Sunday but I DO accept late presents! ;) Just kidding!

But not really... :)

Well, I am super glad to hear from you all and i miss you tons I will let you know what happens next Monday for transfers. I really hope i can stay in this area for a good while because it really is a great place. Oh yeah and the new area i am in covers the cities of Lawndale, The west side of Gardena, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa beach and The north part of Redondo beach. Everything south of my last Ward or south of Rosecrans for those of you who really wanna know.

well, I love you all and send a shout out to all my Bomb cousins serving in Brazil who get guns pulled on them, Just remember, You could have been sent to Compton. :)

Much Love,

Elder Winterrose

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