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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello Family,

I don't think there is a busier and more fun family in the entire universe than the Winterrose boy's.  All the time when i tell people we are a family of all boys they give me this look all asustado (surprised) like, "that must be the craziest family ever" and the funny thing is they don't even know the half of it. dang it is so freaking awesome to hear the bros are going to efy, they will have the best experiences ever if they just really try to grow their testimonies. I am totally excited for them. If you guys think efy was fun then just imagine two years of being able to feel the best spirit ever just like at efy. Oh, and you get to be in places even more beautiful than Utah. haha.  Well, britton I think that you are doing a good job hooking me up with letters every week and it is never a boring pday knowing i have awesome letters to write! ps, you were totally right about how i would be broke by this time of the month and you totally spotted me laundry money hahaha. :) Love you bro.

Well, this week has been super crazy and on the side of stressful. but the best part of it was it was good stress. I am gonna start out with last Monday tho, After all of our crazy pday stuff we had dinner with this sister who is Tongan! She is a champ. She doesn't actually know Spanish super well but she is married to a man from Peru. She plays organ for church and she takes her daughter there so she can support her in learning her father's language! What a super cool family. They said next time they would make otai and osie and a bunch my other favorite Tongan foods haha. Only britton knows what osie is haha. :)  but i am super excited i finally got my own Tongan family!  Tuesday night we went to the visitor center with our investigator as well as the other missionaries and their investigators. We went on the temple tour around the grounds. It was a super spiritual lesson and visit and I think they all have a better understanding of why the temple is so important.

So Wednesday morning we were woken up by a strange experience! At about 3:00 in the morning I was woken up by what felt like someone shaking my bed really hard! After about like 10 seconds of this and me having no idea what was going on and kinda just laying there gripping my bed with white knuckles I realized what it was! But then i kinda just fell asleep again. hahaha! So that morning some of the members told us it was a 3.7 earthquake!  I guess i finally got to feel one! it was the coolest. :)

So, this week had some stress from the preparations for the baptism that was on Sunday but it felt good to be busy getting a lot done. We also had some stressful moments when we came upon one of our investigators who was struggling with the word of wisdom. That was Very frustrating. I guess when stuff like this happens though, it is more like a way to see where their desires are really at.

I love everything to do with bikes - what can I say!  Thanks Ryan!

Baptism!!!  She was absolutely Golden.

me, elder Olsen, elder Cressman, then elder Fransisco
Sunday was an awesome day.  I got the chance to baptize one of our coolest and most golden investigators we have ever encountered. The coolest part was that, that morning, elder Cressman told me that she was the sister of the member-lady we visit, and that I had been praying for her when she was moving here from Mexico. I guess i never connected those two dots before when she got here but that could be because i kinda forgot her name and just prayed for her as the sister of sister ___.  Haha. That was way sweet and a real recognition of how prayer has worked for me.

It is sooo nice to have baptisms because it really gets the momentum going. I feel like this area will work out really well for me as I continue to work hard with the members. This week we are having an awesome activity for the ward that we set up. It is going to be a real life run through of Lehi's dream. It should be a really fun and educational activity.

Well, Thank you all for the support you give me and the prayers in my behalf. I hope you all receive the blessings I try and send your way.  Congratulations Tyler! Elder Shannon says you're awesome too. Do work in the Philippines!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a good one down in Utah!

Elder Winterrose

ps, the picture of the four of us is me, elder Olsen, elder Cressman, then elder Fransisco. i took that like 20 minutes ago.

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