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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear family,

well this week was pretty good and a little crazy. I am so glad to hear that you got my bike back! I got something cool for Ryan actually. There's this guy in my ward who made some needle's peak stickers and said he would love to sell him some for really cheap and that he can even ship them to Utah! I came up with the idea and i put one on my bike!  it worked out pretty legit and now like everybody is ordering different stickers from him. we all have bike names now like The Death Star or Penguin or Silver Bullet or mine, White Lightning. :)

anyways, so Monday we had a barbecue and we played football and soccer for like 4 hours and i got a pretty good tan/sunburn that i kinda payed for for the next few days. haha. this week i got to go on splits with elder Shumway, my old companion, and with the zone leaders too. it was a really cool experience. I think i have definitely come a long way from the last time i was with elder shumway so that was pretty cool to see.

This week i have had a sad thing happen. my super comfy bike seat is kinda dying on me. I think that is part of inheriting it from a garage and making it my own. but the thing is is that it is kinda just falling apart on the top and i think it may be like 25 bucks to get a new one so i kinda need a little help getting that... love you mom! ;) It makes it really hard to ride now because it like sticks to my suit pants and i cant really wear my new suit with it. :/  Bummer. anyways, its nice that even though it is super old I get a ton of compliments for it because it is pretty dang fancy. :)

There were a few other things i kinda needed lately while i was here. I have run low on stamps and i was wondering if y'all could send me some more.  also, I want to know if grandpa might have a copy of the First edition of Mormon Doctrine. by Bruce r McConkie. I really wanted one cause there's a bunch of cool stuff in there but there super old and hard to find.

Well, this week we had the super amazing opportunity to do a real life mockup of the Lehi's dream. it was super cool! We made a rod of pvc pipe across the chapel and it was sooo full of smoke from the kind of smoke machine they use in parties that it made it super realistic. we even had a great and spacious building with some of the young men yelling and stuff it was legit.

Well, that was about the highlight  of the week and it took a ton of work. it was great. Other things we got to do this week were meet a less active family and bring them to view a baptism.  They are also like the nicest family ever. then we got to have some really solid lessons that were super spiritual when i was on splits.

Well, I gotta say it is super weird to be 2 weeks from my birthday because it is weird to realize I'm like 2 to 3 years older than some of these people and they already have like one baby and one on the way. Sooooo weird. anyways. i'm sure when i get home like all the girls i knew will be married with children. ;) hahah.

so i just realized that britton is going to the home town of my mtc teacher hna Alvarez! so crazy he could actually run into her. i hear it is a small town.

Anyways, i kinda gotta run but i love you all and Invite you to ponder your scriptures and pray about them because they are the greatest things in this darn universe. :)

Love you all lots,
Elder Winterrose

Ps. That bike is still my baby. please take care of it!

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