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Monday, August 27, 2012

Man, the things you see in Hollywood... I never thought i would see so many things till i came here hahaha. The other day we were walking to an appointment and as we were walking someone rounded the corner in front of us wearing a playboy bunny outfit... LIKE SERIOUSLY, "Ma'am it is about 2 in the afternoon could you possibly choose a weirder outfit????" So we avoided the scene until she walked into the same building as us and when we walked in she like stared at our name tags and said, "What are you??" Hahaha, like we were dressed up too! I was freaked out and almost asked the same to her! I blurted out," Missionaries!" and we ran away down the hall. ugh, sometimes this city can be super gross. yuck. anyways there's also ton's of the most awkward billboards all over the city. but you get good at ignoring them. This next weekend the MORMON musical is going on Broadway in our area. We drove by and took some pictures. there's a 50 foot banner that says I HEART MORMON. it was kinda funny. :)

Well, this week has been really weird. It is quite an adventure with both of us not knowing a single soul and trying to remember all of the faces, and names as well as constantly add more to the list. We are getting everything really organized and i have never in my mission had to rely so heavily on the Area Book, but it is truly serving as a real blessing and we are doing some good finding through it.

This ward is also a huge help. They are very supportive and i have gotten multiple cakes and they are always looking for ways to serve us which is like super awesome. Today we are losing the car as well so we will be on bike and definitely can use the help of the members now.

Well, besides that we have a few good investigators and i don't wanna count my chickens yet but i think they are pretty good eggs. :) this last week Elder Shannon started teaching me how to play piano. I can now actually play Nearer My God to Thee. and hopefully when i get home i will have a lot more learned. it is a super nice talent to have especially on a mission. Ahh, i don't have a lot to report besides what has already been said. Today we are going to go check out this place called the Bronson caves and it should hopefully be worth the short drive. :)

I love you all soooooooo much and I really appreciate the letters you all send me. If i have been a little slow i apologize and i will catch up soon! it has been a little busy lately but i haven't forgotten you! :)

Cuidense mucho,

Elder Channing E. Winterrose

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