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Monday, September 3, 2012

hahaha, i see that the brothers have been having fun shooting lately. I just hope you all aren't blowing through all your money puttin' lead to the dirt.

This week has been pretty good, i have been super busy and we have been trying a lot of different stuff in an effort to get a big teaching pool. Today we went and played soccer with a bunch of the men from church and it was tons of fun. one thing you will never see in LA though is grass on a soccer field haha. It was lots of fun and a good way to get to know some of the returning members in the ward. I am really liking this area and there is always an abundance of members willing to help us.

man, I can't believe daino is already in high school! what is it like man? is it all you imagined it would be? i hope it is tons of fun. just remember it all is going to count later on so make sure you make good choices and work hard.

Preparing for the ACT has been pretty easy. That little book has a lot of information in it and i think it will help a boat load. I am a little more than half way through it and should finish it in time. I am gonna make sure i got everything ready for it so it will be a breeze. A lot of it is just strategies on how to manage your time and stuff while testing and i already knew how to do that. most of the actual questions are pretty easy though.

Well, this week we haven't really had anybody to teach but we keep looking. it is so dang hot here it is dreadful to just walk around and contact but, hey, what else can we do. we are gonna try and get an activity to get people ready for conference so they can use it as a missionary opportunity. this ward is pretty organized and i cant wait to have some investigators so they can really start helping us out.

Well, I miss you all a ton but try not to let it distract me. I am really hoping for more work to make it easier to focus, so if you can all send your prayers our way we appreciate it.

I love you all and send my wishes out to the cousins. :)

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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