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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

haha, yeah this was a pretty eventful week, like you said i did get the opportunity to meet Miranda and it was pretty cool. her Dad actually isn't a member and we gotta talk to him for a while. he works in our area from time to time but unfortunately he didn't know anyone who speaks Spanish haha. Besides that this week i have been trying to get my toiletry bag that was lost in zone mail but when it finally arrived (after being lost for 4 weeks now) it was empty except for my razor and shampoo! so I got a hold of president and he helped me out so i could find out where the rest of my stuff went. It seems it went to the wrong zone and an elder got it and decided to throw away everything he didn't want. I'm not gonna ask why i am just happy to find out what happened. I told him if he payed me so i could get new stuff then it would be all fine. Oh well at least it is all done and over with.

This week we have also been battling with over 100 degree weather and on bike it sucks. You are dehydrated most of the time for one, and two you have like nowhere to escape the heat if nobody lets you in. :/ so that has been kinda crazy. I took a look at my shirts the other day and they are the nastiest ever. hahah. i think i am going to send you all one i have worn so you can believe me. like some days the sweat manages to make it all the way across the shirt in the front and back and it gets through the whole collar. Gross right?

We have managed to see a couple of blessings this week through all of our efforts and we now have some good investigators coming through the woodwork. We also got the awesome opportunity to have stake conference this last Sunday and i got to see a bunch of the people from bell gardens ward including my buddy Chris. We had a couple of general authorities there, the area seventy over the stake as well as elder Johnson. Elder Johnson gave a great talk on how when trials come we usually don't recognize the blessings until after they have already passed. It was a great talk to soften the blow of the news we received. That the Huntington Park West stake was going to be dissolved and that the first ever Spanish stake in the united states was going to no longer exist. it is going to be a big adjustment as they are also changing the wards to have Spanish and English youth programs combined. They said the reason was to prepare them to be great leaders of the church and i believe it will do just that.  This should be a cool change and i am super excited for it.

Well, I love you all and thank you for all the support. If you have been waiting for a letter, well, I'm a loser and need to get better at writing them. but i will do it soon promise.

Con carino,
Elder Channing E. Winterrose

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