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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Everybody!

Well, this has been an exciting and eventful week!  First of all elder Shannon and i were granted a sweet surprise this Thursday while picking up some dinner at the market down the street! we were getting some cake and ice cream for his birthday on Friday and a guy came up and said "hey elders!" and we struck up a conversation. he was a member who had come home from his mission two years back and he told us he would be glad to come to appointments with us. when he gave us his phone number 5... 0.... 9..... !!! i was like, ARE YOU FROM WASHINGTON?!?!?! and he was kinda surprised and told us yeah, just a small city. I was like where!? he had a really funny look on his face cause i think i musta looked like a super goober with how excited i was. then he said, "Pasco" that's when i started laughing and we told him we were from Richland and Kennewick so he could join in the excitement. :) it is such a small world!  anyways, the next day we got to celebrate Elder Shannon's birthday and it was super fun. we started off by going with our investigators to a place called Mels, then afterword we went to a place called Frog......  one of like a thousand frozen yogurt places in LA.
It made for a really fun day.

Saturday we had some cool stuff going down in Hollywood. They had a giant fair/party thing at Hollywood forever where everybody dressed up like dead people. for Day of the Dead. it was cool

Well, i don't have much time but i love you all!

Take care,
Elder Channing Winterrose

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