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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

well, this week has been a good one! for the past transfer elder Shannon has been playing the conference talks from previous conferences whenever we are sitting in the apartment. man, come conference day i was stoked to hear our prophet speak! We had one of our awesome investigators come to church with her daughter. after the first session was over and the daughter had to leave, the investigator told us that the greatest goal she had for her life that very moment was to be baptized! you can't imagine how excited we were! we also had some other investigators come and they could definitely feel the spirit very strongly and were receiving answers to their prayers.

I think it funny that it didn't come as much of a shock to me when they announced that worthy boys could start their missions at only 18 years old but, when i realized that it meant that Morgan could go on his mission before i get home, i had a little mental freak out hahaha. It really is a great blessing because the sooner that those boys get out there the better off they will be. it is something i have come to gain a testimony of throughout my mission.

I really liked the talk that was given towards the welfare of children and especially how it focused on how the parent's biggest responsibility was not to each other, but to properly raise the blessed souls God has put in their care. When counsel like this is not followed there are always repercussions and serving in LA, a place very centered on the vain things of the world, i have seen the effects of broken families, abandoned children, infidelity and so forth.. for reals, Parents, If you love your children, love each other.  They reap the benefits of your example. As a little bundle of joy is very similar to a sponge sometimes. they take in EVERYTHING. good and bad.

I'm buying stamps today! letters will come out shortly.

Daino! i cant believe your 15!!! you are so dang big!  you gotta write me a letter telling me what you want boy! I'll go pick it up from the alley for ya.

Well, i would love to sit and chat a little while longer but we gotta run, I love you all and send my wishes for you.

Don't be a stranger, feel free to send a letter or three! ;)

Elder Channing Winterrose

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