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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey Family!

well this has been a good week. this week i remembered my camera, i got a bunch of pictures up there. Today we went to the Hollywood sign and i got a bunch of pictures but these are my favorite, the buddy with me in the picture is Elder Brenton Walker from Mississippi he's like my favorite missionary in this area if i had to choose. :)  so the other picture is of me "killing" elder Shannon because he is going home in like 2 weeks! we found a sword in one of the members houses and he let us play with it cause we "look like 2 responsible young men" :) The last one is the picture of our Bedroom/apartment. we decided to just give up a couple weeks ago and just move our beds into our living room because some "Brilliant Southern Californian engineers decided that that was the best place to put the air-conditioner. Now if i had the tools i would take care of that but alas, I don't.

Well, I think that is one of the new caves i have never heard of before.  Elder Shannon told me about some he went to near there called the Horse Cave. then there's another one called the Ice Cave and The Cheese Cave. i will have to add them to my list of awesome places to visit. I guess the Bronson caves up here are all closed down cause they found some dead dudes head or something in there. Crazy!

This week i am asking president baker if i can start working on my application to go to school so hopefully that will happen soon. I know my grades aren't the best so hopefully i can get by on good looks and a name-tag alone. :)

I love you all and i sent out some fatty letters this week so check your mailboxes!

Elder Channing Winterrose

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