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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey,  first before i forget i wanna send some pictures. one is the last day with elder Shannon before he left for home. then i got one of me making pupusas. some super bomb Salvadorian food. and the last one is of my companion and i writing this email! (Only one photo came through - here it is...)

Well, this week has been pretty dang crazy and with transfers we had a lot of changes.  My companion is elder palomino, he says he's about 6'2", 180 lbs, super buff, and has an amazing tan. but really he's like the dinky little thing i was as a greenie.  he is super dedicated to the work, super funny and has only just finished training. I think him and i are gonna have a great transfer. :) He is from mesa, arizona and already knows spanish which is great. We already have a few baptisms coming up for next week.

We also had some big changes with our area where they pretty much took all four areas of the ward and changed them. they split our area in half and put new missionaries in the other side. the only thing that made it tough is that they split it north to south instead of the east to west split they had before. It is all good though we still have our investigators who are really progressing.

man, that is the craziest story about britton winning the internship!  Im so proud of you bro, it really shows what being your own advocate can do. dont forget to keep me updated about what your up to!

I love you all so much, Dad take care in New York! Mom, i miss you tons! Dain and Mo keep working hard in all you do!

Take care,

Elder Channing Winterrose

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