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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear family and Friends,

Well, this week has been kinda cool. If any of you know Donny Osmond he is coming to our ward this month while he is doing a show at the Pantages Theater. My buddy, Elder W., was greeted by him at the door this Sunday and of course, Mr. Mississippi didn't know who he was talking to so he thought he was just "another nosy white guy asking where the missionaries were from" hahaha. when he realized who it was he was like "oh crap! that was Donny Osmond!!!" He really makes me laugh.

Yesterday Elder P and I stayed after church and practiced with the choir for our ward then came back at like 6:00 to practice with the English ward. Our organist is super good and after practices he belted out some beautiful songs like he could do it in his sleep haha. I was blown away. After we got home, Elder P was really wanting to sing so i gave him a voice lesson and DANG he sounds a lot better already. I guess that's one of the perks of having a piano in the apartment. :) Elder P is a really great companion. he is super humble and never afraid to try new things out. it's cool because most of the things i have done before aren't the norm. :)

Anyways this week we had the confirmation of our investigator and it went great. We ended up doing it right after sacrament because everybody kinda forgot about it during the announcements haha. but we made sure to get it done.

While at the temple i received some sad news.  the bike that i had let another missionary borrow got stolen like 2 transfers ago and i just learned about it. the missionary said he would pay me back for it. I'm not worried about it though. i was glad to help another missionary out with the resources i had. :) Plus i have a bike so i don't have to worry about that one.

I have been having some pretty bad luck with sending out mail lately but I'm still trying to write more often, so bear with me. As for this Christmas, I am going to be Skyping the family and probably around 6:00 if it works out, but if not let me know. we already have a family who has it so i just have to pray I don't get transferred on the 18th. I would be kinda upset if that happened. I already got transferred right before my birthday which kinda killed all of my plans so i hope it doesn't happen again. I love you all and wish the best for you.


Elder Winterrose

PS: Dear Morgan, please be careful getting off of the ski lift or your mullet may get caught in the lift and cause others the discomfort of being stuck on the lift. :)

PPS: Oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention! Elder S. in our district decided to take on the ultimate challenge at Fatburger - 17 patties on a bun! he didn't make it though - he only made it to 11 patties. it was a good effort though. :) I got myself a xxxl with two of the patties he didn't eat making it a XXXXXL. a very big burger haha.

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