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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey Bowl 2012 - I think he's trying to look fierce
Welcome to a sweet new Sister!

I think we're looking at a special part he put on his bike, but I'm not sure which one. :)
Hello family and friends,

Sorry the last couple of weeks have been short letters, it has been a little crazy lately. We have had 3 baptisms in the last 3 weeks so it has been a spiritual high lately for me! Along with that I have been getting everything ready for my college applications and what not, which takes a lot of time on preparation days, so i haven't had much time.

I think that's super cool that you guys found a great older car. A small one's all you really need. As long as it can make it to the mountain right? :)

I got a letter this week and it was a sweet surprise. It seems like the postal system is having a really hard time getting my mail through, so sorry if my letters aren't making it out as quick as I try.
This week we got the chance to go through the temple and it was really nice. I always find peace when i go there.

Well, I don't really know what else to tell you....

Hmmm... last week we had the street closed off for the filming of the first episode 5th season of Southland sooo if anybody watches that we gotta see the stars in it. That was kinda cool.

yeah, but really this week we haven't had a lot going on, we have been working a lot with our just baptized recent converts and investigators who are getting baptized. There has been a lot of rain this week too so we have been kinda limited to how much of our area we can cover. We are about to really get back into the groove and start finding a bunch of people again so it should be picking up soon.

Well, I love you all soo much for reading my letters and giving me your prayers and support.
Please pray for me and continue to help the missionaries in your areas to the best of your abilities.


Elder Channing E. Winterrose

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