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Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear family and friends,

Sorry if the message is short but we are a little pressed. well, this week was really great! we had a lot of things happen this week.

So Monday we all got to go to the beach and it was tons of fun. we got to play beach volleyball and play in the sand and whatnot. Unfortunately i underestimated the power of the sun and got a little sunburned.  so i also surprised myself when i tried and did a standing back flip. dang, did that make me feel old. haha, cant do them like i used to. anyways, i forgot my camera so you will just have to wait until next week for pictures. we also had an awesome, surprise fireside for the whole mission and guess who showed up! Elder Cook of the 12! it was short for a fireside but it was remarkable. he seemed a little pressed for time though so he kinda just talked about whatever. it was great. at the end of his discourse he mentioned the passing of sister Monson. You could have heard a pin drop. i don't think it really registered when he said it but i cant think of anybody better to give us the news.

Today i got my temple recommend renewed this week so i am all set till i get home. It was nice to get to talk to everybody on mother's day! i can't believe how much Daino has grown!
Well, i gotta run but i love you all and pray for you.

Elder Channing Winterrose

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