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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey there Everybody!!

Well, as far as the stuff i know i will bring home i probably have like 4 or 5 shirts that are worth keeping and the rest are torn or stained beyond repair so i will not bring those back. the grey suit i was thinking of just getting another pair of slacks so i will have two when i get home cause it is still in really nice shape. the black suit i came out with only has one pair of slacks left but i will bring the jacket and pants home. the green suit i had is currently serving a mission in Chicago Illinois. :) i figured it still had a couple more miles in it and the missionary really needed one. I will try getting a bike box this week and seeing how big it is and whatnot so i can get you a good quote. i am still thinking it through if i want to send it to Hawaii or not. but i will give you a quote for wherever i plan on sending it. My buddy said he was actually going to have his wedding here in Los Angeles so i think it might be more reasonable to go. OH YEAH, AND MY OTHER BIKE I CAME HERE WITH NO LONGER EXISTS BECAUSE IT GOT STOLEN..... Just remembered that. so i just have one to send. :)

The job in Elko sounds good! i will work anywhere especially if i can get buff, speak Spanish, and make a little money for school. Claro que si! Also never heard of the place before but i googled it and i'm okay with middle of nowhere.

It sounds like everybody is getting back into the summer swing up there. I am so glad to hear all the news. i really do hope that britt can make it to my homecoming! that would be sweet! also the trinkets i got for the brothers are t shirts and snap-backs so im sure they are gonna love them.

anyways, this week was a great one. even though its from Wednesday through Sunday we had some really good successes. One of the families we have been working with called us up on Saturday and asked if we could help with a project in their yard fixing sprinklers and whatnot. you can only imagine how happy i was to hear this!!! I haven't had a good project with yard work in like years. i was like Dad in a high fructose corn syrup shop. so, through working with the family i really got to meet and get to know one of the dads. he is super cool and I think that after he realized we could walk the walk and get stuff done he opened up to me a lot. when we first met him and told him we could help him when he was planning the project he seemed kinda skeptical. (most people do when we offer to dig in the dirt when we are wearing business attire) So, that was our big success this weekend. i really love that family and will miss them when i go. next weekend we will be continuing the project and hopefully finishing it.

The work goes on and my testimony is continuing to be strengthened every day. I am so grateful for the little things because those are the things that make the difference for me. I love you all so much and i pray for you every day. This is my last month in my mission and i am going to make it worth it. I know the savior lives. My father in heaven loves me. Joseph Smith restored the true church of Jesus Christ and I am a part of it. I know that the book of Mormon can change lives. and it is never too late to come back to the fold.

Elder Channing Winterrose

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