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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well, this has been another crazy-eventful week. we had some success and some super bummers. we have been doing a lot of finding lately and through our work with the ward we are receiving a lot of referrals and support from the members. it is really awesome to see this change wrought in their hearts. now we are just trying to unify them as a whole cause i think that would keep this fire burning.

with our two investigator sisters it has been really hard and great at the same time. one hasn't been home to find. we don't know where that will lead but i hope it is just something legitimate that is keeping her from coming. on the other hand her sister is making great strides because she has a goal to get baptised before Elder Filiaga leaves and she wanted to get baptised with her sister too. She is showing great acts of faith that truly testify of her dedication. i hope it all works out.

okay, now for some of the big news! TRANSFERS!

Well, i lost one of my mission friends, our district leader Elder Orozco. he left us to be our zone leader, so he is still close but not in our ward. it is alrighty though cause i know he will be an amazing zone leader for us. Okay, now for me.  I'm in the same area, with the same companion, Elder Filiaga.... annd Elder Paul Carver! from west valley Utah. he is going to be my breaker! and we are in a TRIO! it is so much cooler than i thought it would be haha. it makes lessons very interesting haha. now, this is just till the 28th when fili goes home but it is gonna be a great Christmas. :)

man, the home front sounds pretty cool fam. i cant believe it is that cold up there! here it is in the lower 50s and it just started raining again haha. it is such strange weather down here. one of my members checked for me and told me that it is warmer by like 10 degrees in anchorage than in richland haha. ;)

hey Morgan, send me your fitted cap size will ya?

well, that is all from me for now. Thank you all for the support and the letters and prayers. :)

Love Elder Channing Winterrose.

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