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Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear family and friends,

well, this week has been a good one with a lot of success. just yesterday we had our stake conference as well as a baptism. the less actives we have been working with seem to really be getting more desire to attend and along with that there are actually a few who are doing just that! We have been making great strides with the family we have really been focusing on. 

Our baptism went great yesterday, the teaching of this investigator was mainly done by other missionaries but we had the task of preparing it. it went great except for one thing. the font was filling very slow and it wasn't very warm so i turned up the hot water expecting it to get warmer and fill faster but when i went to turn it off i realized i had turned the hot water completely off!!!  but luckily we live in sunny California, not Alaska, so the "cold" water was really just luke-warm. haha, now i know. Next week we are going to confirm her so we will have to decide between the three of us that were in her area last to see who does it. It would be a little easier if any of us had taught her but none of us really have haha. she is impartial though so we can have either one do it.

Today we went to the alley in downtown, it is one of the craziest places to get a deal. i finally got a couple more ties and a t shirt that says California. (I thought i would have had one by now) the shirt was only 4 bucks too. if the brothers want some i can get some and send them over.
anyways, this has been a good week, i got a few letters and they were greatly appreciated.

I miss you all and cant believe how much you have grown in the gospel and elsewhere.

Elder Channing Winterrose

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