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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey there family and friends!

Well, this week was a great one with all that was going on. Conference was amazing! first i gotta say i can not believe how many missionaries there are out there! i think they said there were like 14 million or something. ;) Every member a missionary!! I love how they really got into the nitty gritty and talked to everyone about what a mission is like and stuff. I thought that was pretty sweet!
I think that everything they talked about really applied to me or at least will in the near future haha.

I think one of my favorite talks was the one by Russell m nelson, Catch the Wave. I thought it was really funny how he called it that because although i am almost done with my mission i will be catching waves when i get home haha. It was also an amazing talk that i think relates to the whole world because this effort/call to arms isn't just for those young men and women at the age to go and serve missions but it will rely upon the efforts of every member out there. in another talk it was expressed by a general authority that, when he served as a ward missionary, as a new officer in the airforce that he did nothing more than teach every night to the people the members introduced to him.
When he said this the entire room of missionaries was like "Whaaaaa???" followed by a long silence as we intently listened to see what his trick was, haha. there was no trick on the part of the missionaries though, and that was the best part! when the members took it upon themselves, it easily worked out, and with just a little effort from everyone it really increased the work!

I really enjoyed all the amazing conference talks about missionary work and families and the atonement. this week also had some great happenings in our area. we have been really working with a less-active family and now we are getting through to some more of the aunts and uncles. we feel like this is really the key with this family, because they all love us to death, but it is just hard to get them all involved in our lessons. Well, lately they have been sitting-in on them and they all say they will come to church! So now it's just a matter of getting them there!

Well, i wish i could talk more but i gotta go, I love you all sooo much and pray for you.
thanks for all the support!

Elder Channing winterrose

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