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Thursday, July 21, 2011

First P-Day

Hi everyone!

Okay, I got my first official letter!  It was from J and it made me sooooooo happy!  Somehow there is just something about REAL mail that makes it feel like they're right there with you.

We are almost done with our first official week and it has been crazy.  I have learned a lot, had a tough time and also a lot of funny, great and memorable times.  I miss you all so much.  I am glad to be on a mission.  It finally feels like I am starting on the path to righteousness.  I would like to live as Christ did, at least as close as I can.  This, as well as better myself and make the change.

So some other things - after the devotional we all sat, then stood, for a picture.  That was only the second time they had taken one of the whole MTC.  I thought that was cool!  I've just got to remember I sat on the left side, half way up, in a green suit, to the right of two sister missionaries in blue! :)  Oh, and my tie was silver.  So, besides that I finally got my pictures of the family in front of the temple and the one of me and J.  I gotta get it laminated or something so it will always be perfect.

Tell Britton (the other Elder Winterrose) that, as well as avoiding O.J., I have smelled the tree, found/hid things, and learned how to use the exercise band to catapult unwanted things out our door door, down the hall.  

I love the MTC.  It has been an amazing experience and it has been sweet having fun times with my roommates/companion.  Well, I'm off to bed.  I love you all who are reading this!

Okay, I will go to sleep as soon as everyone on our floor quits singing Disney songs as loud as they can...

Well, buenas noches!


Elder Winterrose Jr.
(The Jr. is a title from his brother, Elder Britton Winterrose currently serving in the Alaska Anchorage Mission)

Mom's note - Channing sent home copies of his journal from the first week because he didn't want to forget anything - lots of writing - hope what I've chosen to post is representative of his first week in the MTC!

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