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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life in the MTC


Just want you to know I got all my care packages and the chips and salsa were great! I had Top Ramen the first night, with my new pencils as chopsticks! Thank you for the sheets! They are like a billion times better! Did you mean to send 2 top sheets though? I made them work but I just didn't know what was best. Anyways, I have enough pens and pencils to last the rest of my life! Thanks J! :) The dryer sheets are sweet and thank you for the shirts and the detergent! Everything smells like home!!!

Okay, I just pressed tab and it sent that one short, don't mind it. I am having an awesome time here and discovering so much about myself and my amazing companions. I am praying for all of you back at home and for the missionaries in the field. I'm glad you guys met some Greenies! I met one who was going there (here in the MTC) and I gave him all your info, so he should come say Hi! I also told him he needed to go teach Fio if he is near there, cause he was Spanish-speaking! Oh! I met Sister Bleazard's grand-daughter the other day!!!! It was so weird. I overheard someone say, "You're going to Kennewick??" And the guy was in front of me in line, so I said the same thing! I was like, "Whaat??" He was English-speaking, so you may actually meet him. But the girl asking him was named Bleazard, so I asked her if she was related to Sister Bleazard, and she was her grand-daughter! Crazy small world.

I am definitely a fan of just sending journal entries because it is easier. I'm glad you like it! I also saw the pics of Britton and his companion - it is soooo sweet there!!! I wish I could play with the fish-ies on my p-day! Oh, and I loved all the tips he gave me this week. I've just learned to find all I can to love about my companion and then it makes it a lot easier. He is actually a really sweet guy, but sometimes he just doesn't wanna do the things I need to do. Oh well, I can always grab one of my other companeros if I need to go, and that has been working out all right so far.

Soo no cool General Authorities yet, just a bunch of emeritus seventies. (July is their vacation month.) They are still really good speakers though. One that was my favorite made it into my journal, which is on its way to you. I can't wait till we get to hear some though. It will make my day!

Okay, nobody is starting to learn Spanish from scratch, we are all intermediate - pretty much the same level. The food is okay, not amazing, but there is soooo much. I got like EVERYTHING laminated. Its now invincible. :) I gotta go soon but I love you all!
I'm the 6th one

We went to the temple today and it was really sweet!

Send me a with Cantrell and Olsen's addresses, as well as Britton's if you can. Anyways, I love you all so much.



Elder Channing Winterrose

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