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Friday, August 5, 2011


I started riding the bike in gym this week and it makes me feel better.  Which reminds me, I need some more shorts and briefs. I have 3 pairs of briefs and I go through one a day during gym... I never really thought about that till I realized I had no underwear... It sucks running out because then you gotta find the least-dirty pair and that's just bad. Haha. I also need more shorts... I only brought two pairs for p-days but like I said, here we have gym every day.  Oh, and if you can throw in those specialized shorts and that red, black, and white castelli bib, I could just wear those under my shorts and that would help me from getting so sore after the ride. Thanks bunches.

Haha, no problems with the language, I think I've got it. I do have a sinus infection so I've been on antibiotics, decongestants, and a whole cocktail of meds this week. 

I only wrote in my journal like every-other day last week and it was just a boring/rough week, so I sent home the good one. Plus copying those things is spendy after a while. I sent J a bunch of pictures too, make sure to send them all to Britton in an email or something cause I could only print out a few. I'm trying not to use too much money.

(Note from Mom - We had a lesson on Sunday that talked about the dangers of pornography and were encouraged to talk with those we love about the topic, including asking the last time they were exposed to it - this is his answer.)  Umm, I would say it has been a long time since running into something, I remember some weird guy tried showing me a funny text message while I was working at Amazon and the answer to that was an obvious, "No thanks I'm fine". Then someone else exclaimed, "Dude! That's just wrong," after looking at it, and told him he was a retard for doing that at work. So that stuff is seriously just everywhere. You don't even have to go looking for it. It's sad. You have to make a decision early in your life that you don't wanna be a part of that generation!

This email is crazy long. I gotta change my laundry so I'll be back in a sec.
Haha, sorry to Poot, that stinks about your phone dying.  I don't know what I would ever do if my phone died, it would suck. (But I guess I'm living without it now...)  I got 1:48 left so I will try being quick. I love all you guys and I keep you all in my prayers. I know I am doing the Lord's work and the church is true!

Okay, if you can send me krispy kremes please do, I need some soon! Send my black Sambas if you can, also.  Bye!!!

Okay, I got a few more seconds.  I gotta say, please send me more pictures if you can cause I miss seeing all your pretty faces, and Busters!

Love you.


Elder Channing Winterrose

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