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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Okay, there's a lot to write back today!

So far I still haven't received the care package, but it is nice to know that you sent one. I'm still in need for those bike shorts so I hope you got them in there. It's a pain in the butt (to pick up packages) cause they usually put a note in your mail box and we can't check it till after dinner, so sometimes we get there at like just before 6 when the post office closes and they have closed early or something dumb like that and we can't pick up our packages. It has been a kinda slow week, I pulled a muscle in my back on Monday so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me some ibuprofen to help with the pain.  It helps a lot. Oh and yesterday I was playing soccer and I went for the ball at the same time as this other guy on the other team and our shins collided. That hurt soooo bad, and now we both have a lump on our shins haha. So Brandon said that his cousin, (one of the Wilde's) is here but I still haven't met him yet. I don't really know what he looks like yet... but I'm keeping my eyes open.

We have been teaching our Investigators and doing well. They are progressing a lot this week. It's like were finally understanding what they need. (I've known all along but nobody listens to me) which leads me to a story. So, Monday in class we were talking to Casey, our teacher's investigator. (They're not a real investigator, they just act as one.)  And she was not very into the lesson and she would tell us she forgot what we talked about, and that she didn't read a lot of the book of Mormon because she only got through like 9 chapters... So we had a time out, where we kinda just freeze and talk about it.  We talked about how it's going with the investigator, soo everybody was like, "I think something happened because she isn't talking a lot."  (Again they were making dumb assumptions). At this point, if it is what they thought, they should have said something to the investigator... Sooo then I said she looked bored cause we kinda just launched into the lesson and she DID read a lot and that we need to point out the positive and not make assumptions on the negative. Sooo after this everyone else was like "I dunno if that's right."  After that I was like, "Whatever..." I was done trying to reason with them. Then out of nowhere my teacher said, "I just want you all to know Elder Winterrose was exactly right. Every assumption you guys have made was wrong. She was just bored.  She just didn't feel entertained," and then she thanked me. This was the best I TOLD YOU SO moment so far. Since this they have stopped being ignorant and I have started being a little more open. But honestly, they still got something to learn. Anyways that was my favorite moment of the week.

I got letters from J, my friend T, you guys, and Brandon and that has made this week pretty sweet! We also finally had a talk from someone who wasn't in the emeritus 70. Now that it's August, they are off vacation. (I guess they all go on vacation during July or something.)

That is soo cool that you guys are going to Kanosh, to go shoot guns with Ryan and the hot air balloon ride is thee-best. You guys will love all that stuff. GREAT catch Britton! I heard about that fish, that is just flippin' remarkable! I want pictures soon so I can show them off to my buddies k? :)

I am so jealous of all ya.  It kinda stinks not being able to do anything I need to, let alone anything I want to. But I know that from my diligence and perseverance I will be blessed. (But really if you can find any way to send me some plain Krispy Kremes for my birthday, like 2 dozen, I would be eternally grateful.) Everybody else is getting them and it pains me to see that.

I miss and love all of you, I love being out here doing the Lord's work.

The Church is true,

Elder Winterrose.

Hey, I got a few more minutes.  I liked the email from Scott and it was really good, thanks.  I also got like 3 boxes full of awesome snacks and candy from a bunch of the missionaries in our branch, so I don't need much food anymore!

Oh and did you get the bike shorts in the box you sent? If not, just throw them in the next one cause that would help when i work out. If you can find those black sambas that are in good condition (I think one of those pairs isn't too bad) then send them my way, but you said you couldn't find them so I might have to ask for them for my b-day present. Oh, and one more thing! If J comes over then get a picture of her with Buster and send it to me please! I wanna pic of my two favorite people in the world!  Well I am not sending out a letter today cause I'm replying to a bunch of others, but I love you guys lots!

Take care!

Elder Winterrose

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