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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Ahhhh, don't remind me! (His birthday's tomorrow.) My roommate was giving me crap because, now when we die on our missions, we won't be part of that teenager statistic. Now I'm going to be in that 20 - 50 range with all the old farts. Oh, by the way we decided when 2012 comes around Heavenly Father is going to cast Los Angeles into the sea just like he did with Atlantis. That's right, Atlantis. Look it up. 

Okay so first things first. I forgot to answer some of the things from the last letter.
  • This guy in our district drew that picture with all the warriors.  I before he left for Peru. I told him that I wanted Captain Moroni's armor.  He got it spot on.  
  • Yes the tree smells like cream soda.
  • The picture is of my district and I'm going to steal that one when we leave and send you a real copy too. 
  • Oh, and yes, Dad, my companion is like a mix between Britton and Jacob Campbell and it is sooo annoying!  (In the best possible way.) He has Britton's laugh so it's really weird, and he has the tendencies of Jacob - like when you are talking and he just kinda zones out, then when you finish talking he just changes the subject like you weren't talking to him. Hahaha. (But you know I love Jacob!)
This week we haven't really been up to much, we just found out that the last two weeks we'll be here they are stealing our teacher, kicking us out for some newbies, and putting us in with another district because ours is so small. But really, every week is the same except for the dumb stuff we say that sometimes gets a laugh.  Haha, I've realized now how easy Britton had it. I am pretty much fluent in espaƱol and there isn't much more to do while teaching besides practice more and try to get our teacher to get baptized in her "investigator" persona (which is her as herself, just not Mormon and with way-hard questions). She is impossible some days, but we love her to death. It's funny though because we have been teaching her for 5 weeks so far and it's like impossible to teach the real lessons because she has ADD sooo bad!

Okay, on to the next thing. I got the cards from the family and it made me so happy.  I love the one with the bird, it made me laugh. It was awesome. Oh, I also got a package from Grandma Billie just yesterday and we tried to do as much damage as we could to it. We made a huge dent! She sent some great snacks.  We already ate all the chips, beans, nacho cheese, and onion dip. Sounds gross, but it was awesome.

Now we have soooooooooooooo much candy and food it is ridiculous. We have (like no joke) 5 boxes full of candy and snacks from all the guys that left. It is awesome. (That's why I sent you that emergency email because I still had some time left and we can't take like anymore food or we won't finish it in a month!) Unless they're Krispy Kremes, then we are alllll for those.  Those are like the light on my darkest days, seriously. I also have like enough laundry detergent for the next 2 months cause we got everybody's that left and also all the soap and body wash we could ever need because we constantly raid the free box for what it has. Sooo, I think we have that year's supply thing down!

I am afraid of Morgan having his license - there I just had to say it.  I just think of the time when I backed the van "into the driveway" via the mailbox and how Britton was a "drifting pro" but somehow he managed to nail a curb. Haha.  Just think, at least accident-wise the Winterrose boys haven't involved anyone or anything they couldn't handle! ;)
I am so jealous that you guys get to hang out in Utah! It's awesome.  I think I can say I'm ready to get out of here right now.  We keep learning these awesome things, but we can't get out there and actually try them! It's a pain in the butt! And when people from LA come here and tell me about it, it drives me mad! Haha, I think I'm getting MTC fever.

Well, I'm missing you guys a ton but I gotta go and do the laundry, so I will message you later!

I am doing fantastic! I have some down days, but today I took a 3-hour nap (best birthday present ever!) and Elder Casper cleaned our room. It smells like half a bottle of Fabreeze and we finally passed a cleaning check!

Well, I gotta go.

Love you Poot, Mo, Dad and Mom! You too Brit! Baptize the ____ outta them! ;)

Elder Channing Winterrose

PS I don't think I found the SD card, so I will go double check for it.

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