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Monday, November 28, 2011

December 2011 Clean Apartment Award Winners (He didn't send this first one - I got it from the Mission Website.  Proud Mom moment!)

2011 Turkey Bowl - Griffith Zone
Dear Family and friends.

Hey there everyone! this week has been really good. lets start with the good stuff! Monday we had our turkey bowl and it was a blast! the only field they could find was kinda just a giant muddy field tho so that was interesting. haha, it was tons of fun. we even had some really great plays. also this week we had Thanksgiving! i sent some pictures to mom but we had it with the C. family in our ward and they always take good care of us. Hna. C. always makes whatever we want and that is nice when we are tired of beans, chicken, rice and tortillas haha. it was an amazing dinner. i gotta say i don't think in my entire life i have ever seen a turkey that big! it was like the size of three Busters. they said it was a big one for them too haha. they had to go out and buy a special pan just for it. (i thought that it might just be a Latino thing) but yeah it was a giant. then they made us these Salvadorian sandwiches and they were the best thing ever. i had like 3 of them and then two giant slabs of turkey. also i almost forgot! haha. i told Hna. C. that i missed potatoes one day because we never get that cause it isn't very common and she makes them every night we eat with them now haha. so that night she made a whole thing of potato salad and it was delish. so that was my turkey day. definitely something to be grateful for. :)

so besides the festivities this week has been pretty good. we have three of our 4 investigators prepped for baptism and one just needs to get married. (that is one of the more common challenges around here) but besides that she is set. the date is the 4th of December so hopefully all goes down without a hitch. :) but as with everything there was one or two hiccups. they are all sick this week so it has been hard to get them to church and also we wanna take them to the Visitor's Center but they weren't feeling up to it on Sunday. this dang sickness is bugging me. it's all good though, if i pray hard enough, then it will all work out.

so Christmas is coming around and the only thing i really need is like an overcoat of some sort. besides that i am all set so far. :D

oh goodness i almost forgot! last night we had an amazing dinner at the Peterson's! they are the senior couple in our ward and they always love to have us over for some home cooked Idaho food. and boy is it good. it is like my favorite! they had roast beef and home made rolls. like 100! cause those are our favorite haha. they are soo nice and they really are a blessing to have. they are great in the ward. in fact just about 2 Sundays ago sister Peterson gave the closing prayer in sacrament, In SPANISH! and that was remarkable seeing as she didn't know a thing in Spanish like one month ago. Although it was about 10 seconds long and very gringo-ish i think it put a smile on everybody's face. :) they are like the replacement mission grandparents haha.

we also got a lot going on for Christmas coming up at the vc and it should be a great opportunity for missionary work. :) we have at least one thing happening every night for the entire month of December it should be great.
also transfers are coming up! on the 7th or something. elder filiaga is going home on the 28th, mid transfer and i hope i get to keep him till then! i'm really loving this ward and hope i can stay here for a long run. they are finally starting to really help us out too. it is great to see this progression.

well, i love all of you so much and i pray for you every day. i hope all the fam is either doing great or recovering well soon!

have a great week all y'all.


Elder Channing Winterrose

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